40 Joker Staxx

40 joker staxx

Casino Bonuses Galore in Playson's Classic Game

40 Joker Staxx slot (also sometimes referred to as 40 Joker Staxx: 40 Lines) is one of many Playson slots to feature jester/joker icons, and a simple classic slot theme worked over the 5 reels of a traditional video slot game. As its title suggests, stacked icons are the order of the day in this release, which is also one of the more elementary releases you may find in the casino world.

Playson are the developers behind this release, which although it doesn’t allow players to alter the number of lines in the game, does at least provide cheap bets. Wagers range from a floor of just 20p per spin and can rise as high as £100 a game at times. It is almost as if players are getting a two-for-one promo on paylines in this slot, which carries a non-progressive jackpot that is pegged at around 800 coins in all.

40 Joker Staxx Slot Quick Info

Developer Playson
RTP 96.42%
Min Bet 20p
Max Bet £100
Paylines 40
Reels 5
Special Features Scattered Cash Prizes

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40 Joker Staxx Slot Special Features

Don’t expect overly complicated special features in 40 Joker Staxx slot, for those which appear in the slot are basic at best. The game features fruit symbols aplenty, though, and they can all dish out decent wins in relation to your bets. However, some symbols are slightly more valuable than others.

The joker (or jester, if you prefer) appears as a woman, and she can substitute for any other icons you may need to snap up a win, save for scatter symbols. Wilds can appear on all the reels of this slot. Wild symbols can pop up as stacked icons on the reels, and as you might imagine, these help no end towards bagging big wins.

Scatter themselves appear on all the reels, too. Players who land 3, 4 or 5 such symbols anywhere on the screen during a base game spin will pocket 1x, 5x or 40x their bet in scattered cash prizes.

40 Joker Staxx Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features

Ordinarily, if you were to land 3 or more scatters in virtually any video slot, you would expect to be enjoying a free spin bonus or at least a click and win prize game shortly afterwards. This doesn’t happen in 40 Joker Staxx slot. Instead, this game merely pays out its scattered cash prizes and move on. There is no free spin free spins bonuses, no instant win feature – nothing.

40 joker staxx slot

Fun Facts

The jester icon features heavily in 40 Joker Staxx slot. Do you know where this classic fool originates from?

Most of us think about colourful costumes and hats with bells at the ends of them when a court jester comes to mind. They had a tough job to do, entertaining royalty. They had to be on point too because if they weren't deemed to be funny or they offended royalty with their jokes they could be punished or executed.

Due to their antics, the court jester is also referred to as the fool. This is because they would be silly and odd to get their audience to laugh and smile. Their entertainment mainly took place during the and around the Renaissance era and Medieval period.

Entertainment for All

While the court jester is mainly known for entertaining royalty and their guests, they were also a source of entertainment for all. They would perform at carnivals, the town square where commoners gathered, and for special events. In addition to telling jokes, they relied on various props for entertainment.

They often knew how to juggle with various items and keep the crowd amused. They were excellent storytellers too, keeping everyone tuned in from start to finish. Music and dancing often found their way into performances. Many of them were able to do various forms of acrobatics. Viewers were in awe of how they could move their bodies in unique ways.

The art of imitation was used by court jesters, but it has to be done correctly. Anything that would be deemed disrespectful towards the person they imitated could get them into hot water. They often walked a fine line between what was acceptable and what wasn't. For both commoners and royalty, the court jester was a way to enjoy the moment and to be carefree for a bit.

Highly Regarded

The role of a court jester was tough, and coming up with new materials to keep audiences interested was hard at times. They weren't going to be happy seeing the same performance again and again. Such individuals were highly regarded for their spirit, their entertainment value, and the attractiveness of their costumes.

Why We Love 40 Joker Staxx Slot

To be frank, the lack of any bonus rounds will hurt this slot’s chances of being a notable success story. 40 Joker Staxx slot is just a more advanced version of the other classic fruit machines bearing the Joker Staxx name from Playson. What players are looking at here is a glorified fruit machine, but one played over 5 reels, with a surplus of lines and stacked would symbols. Still, if you’re the type of slot player who gets their rocks off playing classic slots and fruit machines, the chance to play one with a few (and we mean a few) added perks woven into its design might be an opportunity you wish to grasp with both hands.