7 Piggies

7 piggies

Cute & Comedic Hog-Themed Slot Game UK

7 Piggies slot sounds like a cute UK slots title, and that is because it is. As any player who has played UK slots games before may note, the title characters in this release bear a striking resemblance to the infamous pigs in the Angry Birds series. In fact, the green pig with the builder’s hat is almost taken directly from the popular mobile game. There are questions to be asked over the “King Pig” which also appears in this release. Pragmatic Play is walking a fine line with imagery there, but Rovio doesn’t seem to have minded at this moment in time.

Leaving aside the apparent inspiration behind the theme of this slot, what can it offer players? There are just 7 pay lines for players to bet on – like many other Pragmatic Play UK slots which feature “7” in their titles – and minimum bets are, therefore, going to cost players at least 7p a game. Top stakes won’t exceed £35 a spin, and prizes are capped at 200x a stake. 7 Piggies slot is a low-variance slot, but one which has a high return to player (RTP) rate of 95.9%. These types of numbers are just what we would expect to find in any major title from Pragmatic Play.

7 Piggies Slot Quick Info

Developer Pragmatic Play
RTP 95.9%
Min Bet 7p
Max Bet £35
Paylines 7
Reels 5
Special Features Free Games with Multipliers

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7 Piggies Slot Special Features

Now, back to the King Pig. This symbol appears in golden, and it substitutes for any of the other pigs in 7 Piggies slot (Elvis, vampire, princess, baby and construction worker pigs) but not the barn. That barn forms the slot’s singular bonus icon. No cash prizes are paid out by wilds alone.

Barn bonus icons can trigger free spin bonuses in 7 Piggies slot. These scatter symbols will pop up anywhere and everywhere, and more importantly, they count no matter where they show up. Scatters appear at least three times on the reels during the base game will trigger the free spin bonus mentioned a moment ago. It is the only such special bonus in this slot release.

7 Piggies Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features

After triggering the free spin bonus in the 7 Piggies slot, players will be rewarded with 5 free games and a 1x multiplier, initially. However, players can also click on any scattered barn symbols which appear, and these will add further free spins and extra multipliers to your tally. In total, each scatter can offer up to 10 spins and up to 5x multipliers. After doing just that, players will be taken to the free spin bonus proper, where the feature begins. It can also be retriggered by landing more scatters on the reels, which is helpful.

7 piggies slot

Fun Facts

Many people find pigs cute and endearing - the creators of 7 Piggies slot game clearly do - but did you know that pigs are sometimes kept as pets?

Ever since my friend bought herself a Vietnamese Pot Belly pig, I have become rather a fan of pigs. I think that we fail to give pigs enough credit. For instance, did you know that pigs are really smart? Many varieties of pigs are just as smart as dogs.

Can pigs be trained? Yes, pigs can easily be trained to perform tricks. They even seem to enjoy it. Some pigs are real show-offs and make natural performers. Maybe we should have pet pigs instead of pet dogs.

The world's smallest breed of pig is called a Kunekune. They are known as micro pigs and often weigh just a couple of kilos. Kunekune pigs are happy to live with humans and are not bred for food. Instead, they are friendly pet pigs and love to be cuddled.

The largest breed of pig is the giant forest hog. Fortunately, there are none of them around in the UK. They can weigh in at 280 kilos.

I think that I would rather have a micro pig - a forest hog would not fit on my sofa!

Why We Love 7 Piggies Slot Game

7 Piggies slot has a theme most players will recognise, perhaps all too well. The game is fun, funky and comedic to a degree. There is nothing overly original or imaginative about the special features in the game. In fact, some players may even find them dull and drab. However, the lack of too many symbols and the presence of multipliers does at least mean that winning on this low-variance game is a common occurrence. Ultimately, few players will grumble about that.