7s to burn

7s to burn

A Mobile Slot Game Based on a Classic Fruit Machine

Sevens To Burn slot is a lightning-fast mobile slot game based on the favourite, classic fruit machine style slot game. It features 3 reels, 3 rows and a simple concept: spin 3 like symbols on a fixed pay line.

There are 5 possible ways to win from leftmost reel to rightmost reel, and this red hot mobile slot game offers an exciting Hi Roller feature for when you’re in the mood to up the stakes. Grab yourself a sizzling hot fortune with an RTP of 95.1% in this fan favourite, developed by Barcrest and SG Interactive. If you’re looking for a simple yet scorching slot to play, Sevens To Burn slot is a great choice.

Sevens to Burn Slot Quick Info

Developer Barcrest
RTP 95.1%
Min Bet 10p
Max Bet £500
Paylines 5
Reels 3
Special Features Hi Roller Game

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Sevens To Burn Slot Special Features

Sevens To Burn slot has two game variations: Standard and Hi Roller. Both games consist of the same reel symbols, all incredibly classic: sevens, fruits,  bells, bars and more. In each game, the burning sevens are the highest value, although in the standard game landing 3 of these will get you more for your money: a whopping 250x your stake, as opposed to 125x your stake in the Hi Roller game. The red sevens are also high value, as are the stars and the bells. The rest of the symbols begin to lower in worth, with the oranges and cherries being the smallest value.

In the standard game of Sevens To Burn slot, the burning sevens are also a wild symbol, substituting for the lesser value red sevens. However, in the Hi Roller game, the burning sevens actually substitute for all symbols. This is the appealing feature of the Hi Roller option; whilst the symbol values are actually smaller than in the standard game, the burning sevens become wilds for all which really boosts those chances of a blazing win.

Playing Hi Roller comes at a cost, of course. If you wish to go Hi Roller simply click on the Hi Roller button to the right of the reels. You’ll be presented with a cost, and if you’re happy, click yes to trigger 5 Hi-Roller spins.

Sevens To Burn Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features

Sevens To Burn slot lacks a bonus feature as such, but the Hi Roller feature steps in as the main attraction. ou can also pay by mobile on this slot for even more convenience. We prefer to up the stakes and give the Hi Roller a turn; how will you play?

Players can also make the most of the easy Autoplay function, enabling plays of up to 50 free spins as well as an all-important loss limit and a win limit.

Enjoy this simple yet soaring game with betting options as low and as high as you can imagine; will you play small for £0.10 or big for £500.00?

7s to burn slot

Fun Facts

7's To Burn slot focuses on the (arguably) luckiest number of all....but why do we consider the number 7 to be so fortunate?

There is something to be said about a superstition that runs so deep that it is believed by many people, spanning different cultures across the globe. This highly-regarded superstition is that the number 7 is particularly lucky. But where did this belief originate? Let's take a look.

Rooted in ancient times, the belief that the number 7 is lucky was due to the fact that seven planets were visible in the skies to the naked eye. As a result of this, it is believed that this is why many ancient civilizations worshipped seven deities. The Romans had seven Gods, as did the Egyptians.

In the Christian Bible, there are many references to the number 7. One example is that during the battle of Jericho, the Israelites were told to march around the city seven times and the walls would come tumbling down in victory.

This universal symbol of power and luck known as the number 7 is also reflected through culture in locations such as the seven wonders of the world, the seven seas, and the seven continents. In games of chance, three sevens make a blackjack, and also make a slot machine ring out and hit the big time!

Our world might be a more boring place, without the number 7. Seven notes on a musical scale, seven spots on a lucky ladybug, and the seven colours of the rainbow make our world a happier place indeed.

Why We Love 7’s To Burn Slot

Sevens To Burn slot really turns the heat up on a classic pub fruit machine type mobile game. Keeping simple guidelines, the game throws in an exciting Hi Roller feature, upping the temperature from a basic traditional fruit machine to one which has us coming back and spinning for more.

7's To Burn