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The Mobile Slot Game, Not the Fizzy Drink :-)

If you were thinking of getting to grips with a soft drink-themed mobile slot with this release, you’d be mistaken. That being said, there is still something surprisingly refreshing about Gamevy’s 7Up! mobile slot. It is not a conventional mobile slot by any means, and the return to player (RTP) rate of 92% is woefully low, but few games offer grand prizes such as those which can be found in this game, for the kinds of wagers they are asking for.

In all, this fruit-themed release will set players back just 2p a game. That’s not bad for a 3-reel, 7-line release. 7 Up! slot is more impressive when you weigh in maximum stakes are capped at £100 a game, and prizes can reach heights of 10,000x a player’s total stake. The gaming screen will take you back a bit, with each icon spinning independently of the reels, almost as if there were 21 reels to this game.

7 Up! Slot Quick Info

Developer Gamevy
RTP 92%
Min Bet 2p
Max Bet £100
Paylines 7
Reels 3
Special Features Instant Play Game

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7 Up! Slot Special Features

One of the things that players will note about 7Up! slot is that it is played more like an online scratch card or an instant play game, rather than a mobile slot. On each spin, players are trying to line up as many identical symbols on each pay line as they can, and the number of lines you play with can be adjusted, too.

Match three identical symbols on a pay line in 7 Up! slot, and you will walk away with whatever prize happens to be displayed in the golden box next to the line. These vary, so understandably, it is more beneficial to bag prizes on some lines over others. Line prizes can range up to £1,000 (when playing with a maximum bet), so the amount a player chooses to wager really does have an impact in this release. As for which symbols are the most prosperous to players, there can be no doubt it – it is the sevens.

7 Up! Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features

This part of the game should be simple for players to grasp, for there are no bonus features included in the 7Up! lot. Players are going to have all sorts of mixed feelings to that. On the one hand, today, mobile slots devoid of special features are seldom going to do very well for itself.

On the other hand, any player who fancies a trip down memory lane to the golden age of mobile slot may not wish there to be such features included in 7 Up! slot. For the sake of argument, most classic mobile slot– which is essentially what this release is – don’t come with special features. It all comes down to preference, really.

7 up slot

Fun Facts!

7 Up! slot game shares its name with one of the most well-known fizzy drinks across the globe. Did you know these fun facts about the iconic beverage?

8 Fun Facts about 7 Up

Fun Fact 1: There are almost thirty variations of 7 Up, among them 7 Up Mojito Flavour, 7 Up Ice Cola, 7 Up Pomegranate and 7 Up Retro.

Fun Fact 2: The original name wasn't 7 Up but "Howdy", and nobody knows where it came from.

Fun Fact 3: The original recipe wasn't clear, and it also was caramel-coloured.

Fun Fact 4: The first 7 Up ads portrayed the beverage as a hangover cure.

Fun Fact 5: The spot mascot made himself quite an impressive group of followers.

Fun Fact 6: The most creative of cooks have found 7 Up to be very useful in the kitchen, thus creating new recipes that involve this drink.

Fun Fact 7: The first recipes contained "lithiated", which is commonly used to treat bipolar disorders, and some years back, mood-elevating and health-improving properties.

Fun Fact 8: The idea to create 7 Up was derived from Orange Soda.

Why We Love 7 Up! Slot Game

Players aren’t going to find the return to player rate particularly impressive, and if they favour UK mobile slots with special features, there isn’t too much to write home about here. However, if you are the kind of mobile slot player who likes fruit machines and wants to try something with a few more ways to win than your typical one-armed bandit, you might find that Gamevy’s 7Up! slot has just the kind of gameplay which appeals to you.