All That Cash Power Bet

All That Cash Power Bet

Produced by High 5 Games and powered by their Vault 5 software, the All That Cash: Power Bet slot is a nifty, but bizarre video slot. Armed with an RTP (return to player) value of between 96% and 96.5%, the chances of success on this game are decent given that it only offers up 3 rows. Arguably the biggest selling point of this online and mobile slot, though, is the nutty gaming platform and engine created for it.

There are three rows of symbols and five reels. One of those reels is coloured in red, and the other four are green. Players will land numbers on the fourth reels, while the red reel can only display “X” icons. A total of three paylines span the 5 reels of this slot, and wagers are a touch on the costly side. Expect to find yourself staking at least 30p a turn on this release, while maximum bets can rise as high as £15,000 a spin, which is positively ludicrous stuff. Players can win up to 10,000x their total bet in this game, but it certainly won’t be a walk in the park.

Special features

High 5 Games have produced something which is overly confusing, and to be honest, lacking in excitement here. The All That Cash: Power Bet game doesn’t require players to landing matching symbols on the reels; far from it. Instead, players first need to land an X on the red reel (the first reel); without that, they will instantly lose.

Should an X appear on that first reel, players will be looking to land numerical digits on the subsequent four green rows. You’re going to need to land numbers on at least another corresponding row to bag a win, which makes things confusing a touch higher. Should you successfully do so, you will note that the X and numbers suddenly seem very familiar. They are, in fact, a multiplier. Winnings consist of multipliers against your total stake.

Bonus features

There are a few features in this game, too. There is a Power Bet feature, as the title implies. You need to activate this when you wager, and if you do, your stake will rise by 30x the default price. However, the subsequent 30 spins you get to play with will come with an increased chance of winnings. These are not free spins, either, so using the term “bonus round” would be inaccurate. Instead, this is a buy-a-bonus feature, the sort of which divides the online slot gaming community.


Most players will be scratching their heads with All That Cash: Power Bet, wondering what to make of it. The title is a bit misleading. It is implied that “All That Cash” refers to the amount you can win. However, with your best odds of success coming from the costly Power Bet feature, it could easily refer to “All That Cash” you’re going to lose trying to win something. This game is odd and is only worth playing if you fancy something radically different from other slots.