A Riveting Mobile Slot with Megaways Feature

Bonanza slot is a riveting online and mobile slot from Big Time Gaming featuring their unique Megaways™ element (that’s a mammoth 117649 ways to win!). This 6 reel pay by mobile slot also offers a gripping theme based upon gemstone mining and is set within a spectacular underground mine filled with jewels galore. With a fantastic RTP of 96%, Bonanza slot is a must-play game, with opportunities to win bundles of free spins in addition to unlimited win multipliers to really boost that bankroll!

Bonanza Slot Quick Info

Developer Pragmatic Play
RTP 96.5%
Min Bet 10p
Max Bet £5.00
Paylines 256
Reels 4
Special Features multiplier feature

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Bonanza Slot Special Features

The 6 mining reels of Bonanza slot feature an abundance of mesmerisingly beautiful gemstones to get your hands on; amethyst, ruby, topaz and emeralds aplenty. Amethysts are the most valuable followed by the others, and then the lowest value symbols are A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9. 

Amethyst Fun Facts!

  • If you have amethyst or you are just a fan of gemstones, here are some interesting facts about it that you may not have known.
  • The ancient Greeks believed that amethyst prevented drunkenness.
  • Cleopatra wore amethyst in her ring, with an engraved image of Mithras, a Persian deity known in Rome as Deus Sol Invictus ("invincible sun")
  • The oldest known stone in the crown jewels of England is the amethyst first worn in the 11th century by Edward (1042 - 1066)
  • Medieval European soldiers wore amethyst amulets as protection in battles.
  • During the Renaissance, amethyst was carved into the figure of a bear and used as a protective talisman. As such, people wore it for a variety of reasons: for vigilance, against battle injuries, against infectious diseases, for shrewdness, and as an antidote.
  • There is a very rare and prized amethyst enhydro. It is an amethyst crystal with trapped moving or static water bubbles that are millions of years old.
  • Today, bishops often wear an oval-shaped amethyst, usually very large, with an episcopal seal directly engraved into the surface of the gem.

You’ll soon notice a mining cart appearing at the top of the reels during each spin in the base game. This cart carries 4 random symbols which it adds to reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 each during each roll of the reels, allowing greater opportunity for winning combinations.

To further boost your chances, Big Time Gaming also offer a reactions feature; this is whereby every symbol that takes part in a winning combination is replaced by falling symbols from above (or from the right if that winning symbol is in the mining cart). This valuable feature can lead to multiple winning combinations during one spin alone!

The scatter symbols are golden letters which spell out the word ‘GOLD’, and they can appear anywhere on the reels in the main game. Land all 4 letters and you’ve won a total of 12 free spins; land any extra scatters and you’ve bagged yourself an additional 5 free spins.

Fun Fact!

Gold is a mineral that has been mined and sought for over 5,000 years. There's a reason why "Gold Rush" is a famous term to this day. But what you and those old miners might not be aware of is that you can find gold closer than you'd believe. In fact, wherever you go there's gold going alongside.

Believe it or not, the human body contains minuscule traces of gold, and it's not like it's something some people accidentally swallow through their food. Gold actually keeps us running, or to be exact it helps our joints remain in proper shape. While we have known for years that our bodies contain gold it took a long time to realize what it did to begin with, so the knowledge of it's impact on joints is relatively recent.

In a sense, we are walking goldmines, and the presence of gold in our bodies goes a long way to show how unique humans truly are.

The wild symbol is the mighty dynamite image; only present within the cart. This advantageous icon will substitute all symbols in Bonanza slot, barring the scatter symbols.

Finally, one of Bonanza’s most special features is Megaways™; this enables each reel alone or in conjunction with the cart to hold up to 7 symbols. Ultimately, each spin offers up to a jumbo 117649 megaways to win.

Fun Fact!

The Word “Bonanza” is of course synonymous with a situation which generates a sudden upturn in wealth, luck, or fortune. But did you know the expression was coined around 1859 by mineworkers when a huge deposits of silver ore where discovered at the Comstock Lode silver ore mines under the town of Virginia City, Nevada in the USA.

bonanza slot

Bonanza Slot Free Spins & nBonus Features

The free spins bonus feature is triggered by landing all 4 scatter symbols. Free spins begins with an unlimited win multiplier which is a great additional touch – the multiplier begins at one and increases after each reaction. There is also a free spins scatter symbol which appears in the cart only. Land 3 for 5 extra free spins, or 4 for 10 extra free spins. 

Why We Love Bonanza Mobile Slot Game

Bonanza slot could so easily be your run of the mill mobile slot game… however, Big Time Gaming has taken a basic game and transformed it into a mega slot with a plethora of unique features, ways to win and plenty of action. Aesthetically pleasing also, Bonanza slot simply has us transfixed. It might be a while before you hit those free spins in this medium to high variance game, but when you do, we’re sure you’ll enjoy reaping those benefits as much as we do.