Book of Gold: Double Chance

book of gold double chance

Ancient Egyptian-Themed Slots Game UK

UK Slots players may already be able to tell from the title of this game, but Playson’s Book of Gold: Double Chance slot is an Ancient Egyptian-themed UK online slots game. This particular release takes its name after the free spins bonus round, which can see two expanding symbols offered to players. In almost every other way, though, Book of Gold: Double Chance is a typical slot for this genre, and has much in common with Novomatic’s Book of Ra, amongst other games.

Playson hasn’t exactly been overly original or adventurous with the gaming structure in this release. There are 10 pay lines straddling Book of Gold: Double Chance slot’s 5 reels, and those are fixed into place. Wagers aren’t, though. These can be adjusted, so players are looking at stakes which can fall anywhere between a floor bet of 10p a game, and a ceiling bet of £100 a turn. Prizes are non-progressive, with players able to pocket winnings worth up to 200x their stake. That prize only pays out if players to land five scatter wilds anywhere on the screen.

Book of Gold: Double Chance Slot Quick Info

Developer Playson
RTP 95.04%
Min Bet 10p
Max Bet £100
Paylines 10
Reels 5
Special Features Scatter Wilds, Free Spins

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Book of Gold: Double Chance Slot Special Features

There isn’t too much happening in Book of Gold: Double Chance slot, but it would be quite a stretch to say that this game doesn’t have features to offer players. Again, like Book of Ra, scatter wilds are the order of the day here. These symbols can not only replace other symbols to boost your odds of landing a win, but they will also trigger a free spin bonus, and dish out scattered cash prizes when 3 or more spring up anywhere on the screen.

The free spin bonus is where the slot becomes a little more imaginative, and where Playson have tried to make this release stand out from its famous Novomatic developed counterpart. In terms of imagery and theme, though, there is precious little in Book of Gold: Double Chance to separate it from the many other UK casino games doing the rounds on the net with this theme.

Book of Gold: Double Chance Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features

Once the bonus round begins in Book of Gold: Double Chance slot, players will note that two symbols are selected at random to appear as expanding icons. This is as opposed to the single icon which usually appears in Book of Ra’s near-identical free spin feature.

Should any of those two expanding symbols appear on the reels of Book of Gold: Double Chance slot during the free spin bonus, they will expand to fill a whole reel. Up to 50 free spins can be played in this round, which gives players ample opportunities to take full advantage of those twin expanding icons to land wins.

book of gold double chance slot

Fun Facts!

Book of Gold: Double Chance slot features Tutankhamun as one its prominent reel symbols. How much do you know about the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh?

Tutankhamun was well known for his rule during the Ancient Egyptian period. His name denotes ruler status and culture all throughout the ages as well. He was part of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, during the New Period of rule. His father was a ruler and imparted a fair amount of authority to Tutankhamun. He was the last of his royal family but left a long legacy for people in Egypt. His tomb can be found in modern-day Egypt as well.

His reign began in 1333 BCE and continued until 1323 BCE as well. He died in 1323 BCE, without an heir to continue on his legacy. His rule was marked by some rapid progress in Egyptian culture over the years. His people revered his name and his image was preserved for all to see. Recent digs have uncovered his tomb and people want to know more about him.

Why We Love Book of Gold: Double Chance Slot Game

The Ancient Egyptian-themed UK slot genre was already overcrowded and samey. Book of Ra turned out to be a major hit, so it is no surprise that Playson (and other software providers) have quite literally taken the basics of that game and built upon it. Book of Gold: Double Chance slot will, therefore, be most appealing to players who have tried their hand at the Book of Ra UK slots, and fancy something a little more extensive but very much in the same vein.

Book of Gold: Double Chance