Crystal Crush

Crystal Crush

Crystal Crush is a Playson developed UK online slots game and one which offers up a unique and creative way of dishing out cash prizes to players. Instead of reels and paylines, this is a game that relies on a hexagonal grid to deliver wins. That may make things a touch confusing for players who used to wagering on paylines, but it also provides a sense of excitement as players get to try their hand at something new.

Gameplay in the Crystal Crush game takes a bit of getting used to. Players will find 61 different spots on the screen, and these are set inside a hexagon. Wins are acquired when 5 or more identical symbols spring up beside one another in a cluster or group. Once this occurs, the winning icons are removed, and new ones drop down to take their place. This will continue to occur if wins keep popping up. For this type of gameplay, players are looking at stakes which range from 25p up to £100 a spin. Prizes are capped at 160x a total bet when it reasonable enough since it is not overly challenging to land a win on Crystal Crush.

Slots Special features

Players should keep their eyes peeled for the orange icon. It is easily the best paying one in the game and can deliver wins worth over 6x your bet for a simple combination featuring 5 symbols.

Wild symbols are also icons you may wish to keep your eyes peeled for. These replacement symbols can substitute for all others in the game without exception. Players will also find crystal-style symbols, and these are what gives this online and mobile slot its name. The symbols can become crushed if they appear next to winning combos, and these can raise bars associated with them.

Bonus features

When players have acquired three crushed crystals, they will trigger the Crystal Crush bonus. You may also trigger this bonus at random during a spin without a win, although this is rare.

There are six levels to this special feature. Players are looking at bagging 2x multipliers on specific wins in the first round. Make it to the second and third Crystal Crush bonus rounds, and you can land three random wilds, and 3x multipliers, respectively.

In the fourth tier of the bonus round, the game dishes out up to six random wilds. Players who manage to get to the fifth level can expect to see a 4x multiplier applied to winnings. The final stage of the bonus round will turn all standard and crystal symbols of the same colour into wild icons. It is worth noting that players can reach new bonus tiers by winning. However, if they lose, the bonus resets. 


It is quite a stretch to call Crystal Crush a slot, in the true sense of the word. Crystal Crush certainly offers unique and original gaming to UK slots lovers. It remains to be seen whether the online slots game is exciting enough to lure in a large crowd of players, but anybody who fancies something slightly different may wish to give it a go.