Crystal Land

crystal land

Candy Crush-Style Online Slots Game UK

Playson seems to have a bit of a thing for crystal-themed slots of late. In 2019, they have produced more than a handful of them. Crystal Land slot is arguably the least serious and most cartoony of the bunch. The look and feel of the slot closely resemble Candy Crush or other symbols of social media games which have been hit over the last few years.

It isn’t just the visual appearance of the slot which has a lot in common with those games. This Playson slot also plays like Candy Crush. Crystal Land slot features 7 reels in total, and upon that sit absolutely no pay lines. Instead, this is a UK slots game. Wagering is cheap, at just 20p a game. Of course, maximum bets are worth considerably more, at £100 a spin. Considering those bets are on the small side, players are likely to be impressed with the non-progressive jackpot in this game. That prize sits at around 1,000x a bet.

Crystal Land Slot Quick Info

Developer Playson
RTP 95.2%
Min Bet 20p
Max Bet £100
Paylines N/A
Reels 7
Special Features Cluster Pays, Cascading Reels

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Crystal Land Slot Special Features

Like all Cluster Pays slots, UK players won’t win by lining up symbols on a pay line in Crystal Land slot. Instead, prizes are shelled out by grouping together identical symbols in clusters. Players need to land at least 5 of the symbols if they wish to recoup the cash. 

The UK slot uses a cascading reels feature. Whenever a win occurs, new symbols will drop down to potentially offer players the ability to win several times on a single spin. Random wilds can help you out to accumulate wins, and they can replace all standard paying symbols.

When you first start spinning the Crystal Land slot reels, you will note that the upper portions of the reels are blocked. With each successive symbol drop feature players land, those spots become available. Players need to unlock them by landing wins. 

Also located in Crystal Land slot game are a set of meters. Players can fill them by landing wins which consist of wilds, ruby wilds and potions. Bombs can destroy a host of symbols in this game but aren’t relevant for the meters. Levelling up with double the amount of cash available, and once the top row of symbols is cleared, the bonus can become available.

Crystal Land Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features

In that round, treasure chests will become available. These chests can see players snap up star symbols. They, in turn, can be used to raise multipliers in the game. Players who land all these star symbols can expect to prosper from 9x multipliers being applied to their winnings.

It is worth remarking that there are no free spins in Crystal Land slot, merely the drop feature as mentioned above.

crystal land slot

Fun Facts

Crystal Land slot is jam-packed with glistening, valuable gems. But do you know what some of the most curious crystals to exist are?

Did you know that snowflakes are considered a type of crystal? Snowflakes are crystals made of ice and, like fingerprints, no two flakes are the same between them. The process of forming a crystal is called crystallization, and it occurs when a liquid hardens so that its molecules stabilize in a certain pattern. That is why snowflakes are considered crystals!

In the late 19th century, a farmer named Wilson Bentley began photographing snowflakes through a microscope. In his entire life he photographed more than 5,000 flakes and no two were alike.

Another curious crystal is the diamond. Pure diamonds can be considered a single giant molecule made up of many atoms of a single element. In addition, it is one of the hardest materials on the planet. Hardness is defined as the degree of resistance that a material opposes to being scratched. That is why diamonds are used to create very special tools.

Why We Love Crystal Land UK Slot Game

A lot is going on in Crystal Land slot. Any player who has played Candy Crush or other similar games will rapidly get to grips with the many features of this game. However, if those games passed you by, you’re likely to find Playson’s UK slot overly complicated. Wins come thick and fast, but they tend to be petite for the most part. This is one of those casino games which, oddly enough, could have done with being made a touch more simplistic.

Crystal Land