Flower Fortunes

flower fortunes megaways slot

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Game Info

Developer Fantasma Games
RTP 96%
Min Bet 50p
Max Bet £10
Paylines 531,441 Ways to Win
Reels 6
Special Features Expanding wilds, respins, avalanche feature

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How to play

The new Flower Fortunes Megaways slot is a 6x5-reel with flowers and gems themed title at Gold Rush from Slots Fantasma Games. Released in June 2019, the game offers an RTP of 96%.

The players can look forward to cascading wins and free spins among a host of other such features in Flower Fortunes Megaways slot. This casino slots game has expanding wilds with respin and more, including multiplier win. Bet a minimum of 50p and a maximum of 250 coins through different levels of the game. 

 Special Symbols 

  • Wild: This is a yellow gemstone with the word WILD written on it. It appears on level 2, where it gives multiplier rewards.  
  • Scatter: The blue sapphire is the Respin scatter symbol, and you can use it to replace some of the non-winning symbols to improve your chances of winning big.  

Free Spins & Bonus Features

Expanding Wilds 

On level 2 and above, the Yellow Wild symbol comes to expand all across the reel. These expanding wild symbols carry MEGAWAYS multiplier from 1x to 9x.  


On level 3 and above, the scatter respin symbol can appear and replace some of the non-rewarding symbols. You can earn more in this way 

Flower Fortune Megaways Slot Bonus Game 

This is on level 4 and above when the Ruby stone of Bonus symbols appear on the reels for you. If you get 3 or more, the Bonus game begins. Here, you can win up to 200x of the bet amount.  


This feature comes in level 5 of Flower Fortunes Megaways slot when the winning symbols disappear, making space for newer symbols to come, thereby causing an avalanche of multipliers!  

Pick a Flower 

In 5 chances, you have to pick the right flower and earn payouts here 

Big Win and Epic Wins Megaways 

You get a chance to win MEGAWAYS when you get 3 or more identical symbols landing on the consecutive reels. The win is multiplied by the amount of winning icons per reel according to the paytable. It is also multiplied by wild multiplier if there is any and with Avalanche multiplier too. There is a chance to get Big Win and Epic Win rewards in the game.

The Epic win amount is 1,285,091.57 coins. The Flower Fortunes Megaways slot is a new Megaways game where you need to trigger the reels to spin by touching and holding a reel while dragging it downwards.

Fun Facts!

The Megabucks Slot Machines

Potentially turn a single dollar into millions, without putting an abundance of your earnings on the line that is surely the dream of any Slot Enthusiast. The Megabucks slot machines are notorious for their numerous massive payouts and ad-hoc urban legends.

There are about 750 of the infamous Megabucks slot machines divided across almost 140 casinos in Las Vegas, home to the biggest slot machine wins of all time.

They exist in other states and countries, but if you are looking to try to break the record, then Nevada is the place you want to visit. The jackpot changes with time and is usually below $20 million. In 1998, it was won by a retired flight attendant at Palace Station, when it stood at $27.5 million.

A year later someone else turned a single $10 spin into $21 million! Also worth mentioning is the case of the altruistic Elmer Sherwin, who won $4.6 million in 1989, and later $21.1 million in 2005, aged 92. He donated a large number of his winnings before passing away a few years later. Although, the biggest ever (recorded) win went to an LA software engineer who won a whopping $39.7 million from a $100 wager at Excalibur, 2003.

More Fun Facts!

Flowers adorn the reels of Flower Fortunes Megaways slot. Have you ever wondered which is the most expensive flower in the world?

There is not one straightforward answer to the query regarding which the most expensive flower is. Assuredly, flora plays a significant part in many peoples' and species' lives. Not only that, but flowers also possess connotations to our social spheres. The origin of expressions like "pretty as a flower" or "it deflowers your innocence" comes from the invaluable symbolic worth we place on flowers.

There is also a plethora of careers to pursue that encompasses flowers, for example, botanist, florist, and floral designer. It is no wonder then that certain types of flowers sell for thousands of dollars. The Juliet rose cost the developer of the spectacular flower over $3 million to develop, for the 15 years it took for it to bloom.

The most costly type of flower ever was the Shenzen Nongke orchid, auctioned for over $200,000. Although the nearly-mythical Kadupul flower (technically a cactus) is so rare its value is priceless! It is only in bloom for around 2 hours a night per year, making it impossible to sell this beauty, but you could visit southern Mexico or Sri Lanka in hopes of spotting one.


Flower Fortunes slot is a cool new slots game packing in level wise fun and with each bonus feature more attractive than the previous ones. Bet wisely and enjoy great payouts.