Golden Tides

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Golden Tides is a 2By2 Gaming developed online and mobile slot. It has been released and distributed on Playtech’s open gaming platform at a broad array of casino sites. The slot is loosely themed on the underwater world of mermaids, and imagery - while flashy - remains mostly the same as those found in many other similarly themed titles. Where Golden Tides slot stands out, though, is its features. Two mystery features and two free spin rounds provide the perks and the entertainment in this otherwise run-of-the-mill release. 

The 2By2 Gaming slot features a total of 40 paylines, and these sit evenly over the game’s 5 reels. As is often the case in many modern mobile slots, all forty of those lines are fixed into place. Even so, players can expect to find a reasonably adjustable wagering range, which extends from 40p up to £40.00 a turn. The considerable scope of that wagering range should make the slot appeal to players on all budgets. Moreover, its non-progressive jackpot of 1,200x a bet is not going to put players off in the slightest in Golden Tides slot.

Golden Tides Slot Quick Info

Developer 2By2
RTP 96.5%
Min Bet 40p
Max Bet £400
Paylines £40.00
Reels 4
Special Features Wild Mermaid Bonus

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Golden Tides Slot Special Features 

Arguably the main reason why any player would try their hand at Golden Tides slot is the array of special features it offers. There are standard wild symbols which appear as the game’s title logo. These can naturally act in the stead of any standard paying icons to help form winning combos. 

The slot also contains scatter icons. These treasure chests need to appear three, four or five times if you want to trigger one of two possible free spin rounds. 

Mystery symbols are capable of appearing stacked on the reels of Golden Tides slot, too. They can transform symbols into any icon. Two base game bonuses appear in the release to boot. The first is the Golden Mermaid Bonus, which sees standard mermaids transformed into golden ones. The second (the Wild Mermaid Bonus) can see mermaids turned into wilds randomly on any spin.

Golden Tides special Features

Golden Tides Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features 

Players will start either of Golden Tides slot’s two free spin rounds with 10, 15 or 20 free turns, based on whether they landed 3, 4 or indeed, all 5 scatter symbols. There are two options to choose from. The first is the Golden Mermaid Bonus. It allows players to play with Golden Mermaids present on the reels, which means that prizes are worth more. However, there are no wild mermaids in the feature. Up to 40 free games can be played with this feature. 

The second free spin round is the Frequent Feature Bonus. It allows players to play with Golden Mermaid and extra wild symbols. The paytable is reduced if you select this option, which can also see players win further free games. 

Fun Facts

Golden Tides slot takes you on an underwater adventure to meet an array of beautiful mermaids. Many of us view mermaids as mythical creatures, but did you know that sightings of mermaids are still reported to this day? So, what's the deal - are mermaids real or simply figments of imagination?

Mermaids - half fish and half young woman, but more importantly - are they myths, or do they really exist? According to Christopher Columbus, they do. He spotted them on his voyages, although many believe what he actually spied were manatees. First appearing in stories in Assyria in1000 BC, the Goddess Atargatis accidentally killed her lover - oops. Ashamed, she took the form of a fish, but the waters would not hide her beauty, and so she took the form of a mermaid. Often associated with tragedies such as floods, shipwrecks, drowning, and storms, they can also be compassionate - as they bestow blessings or fall in love with humans. In Western Europe, they call her Melusine, while Rusalka is her Slavic counterpart. The Chinese mention Merfolk as far back as 400 BC, and the earliest surviving depiction was carved in the Norman Chapel in 1078. Believe in them or not, mermaids are still being spotted in our oceans and seas to this very day.

Why We Love Golden Tides Slot

Both free spin bonuses have their perks, and the randomly triggered and mystery symbol goodies in the base game are exciting. Golden Tides slot may not stand out for its imagery or theme, but its features certainly give this slot an advantage over the myriad of other mermaid-themed slots out there on the net.

Golden Tides