Hercules and Pegasus

hercules & pegasus slot

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Game Info

Developer Playtech
RTP 96.5%
Min Bet 20p
Max Bet £100
Paylines 20
Reels 5x3
Special Features Free Spins with Multipliers
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How to Play

Greek mythology-themed slot games in the UK are enjoying something of a return to form. For a while, Playtech seemed to have a monopoly on the genre, with countless Age of Gods slots featuring the theme. Other software developers didn’t seem to want to touch the genre. Now, though, Pragmatic Play has been brave and bold enough to have a go with their latest release, Hercules & Pegasus slot. 

Hercules & Pegasus slot made its debut at Gold Rush Online Slots in December 2019 and was launched as a traditional 5-reel online slot, with 20 pay lines spanning those reels. The game is predictably cheap and affordable, costing between 20p and £100 a spin. The slot’s RTP sits comfortably above the industry standard at 96.5%, while non-progressive prizes are a touch on the petite side, at just 25x a line bet. Expect medium volatility gameplay with this new Greek mythology-themed release.

Special Features

For those of who know your Greek mythology, Hercules (Romanised from the Greek Heracles), was the superhuman son of Zeus, while Pegasus is the infamous winged horse ridden by Bellerophon. Both play prominent roles in Hercules and Pegasus slot. The symbol with both together appears as a wild symbol. It can substitute for any and all standard paying icons in the game. 

Both Hercules and Pegasus also appear as individual symbols, and these come into play if players wish to trigger the slot’s bonus rounds. More on those in just a moment, though. First, we need to look at this Pragmatic Play slot’s randomly triggered goodies. 

There are four randomly triggered bonuses to spice up the action in Hercules and Pegasus slot. Hercules Wilds can see added wilds appear on the reels, with a potential free spin awarded. Pegasus Wilds can also appear randomly on the reels, and these offer 2x multipliers. The Bolts of Zeus feature can see Zeus mystery symbols appear on the reels and turn into the same icon at the end of a spin. Lastly, one of this slot’s three bonus rounds could be triggered at random. 

hercules & pegasus slot reels

Free Spins & Bonus Features 

To trigger one of three potential free spin rounds in Hercules and Pegasus slot, a golden shield needs to appear on the first and third reels. If Hercules appears on the fifth reel, players will bag unlimited free spins until five orange potions (which offer added wilds) appear. If Pegasus shows up on the fifth reel, players will land unlimited spins until five blue potions (which add 1x increasing multipliers appear). The final round occurs when both Hercules and Pegasus appear on the fifth reel. This feature offers unlimited spins until five of either potion (both features are available) ends the bonus. 

Fun Facts

Players can venture on a lesson in Greek Mythology in Hercules and Pegasus slot game. How much do you know of the mythical hero Hercules and his magical flying horse?

Hercules, originally Heracles, is one of the greatest heroes from Greek mythology. He is known for his perseverance, stamina, and of course, his unbelievable strength. Here are some fun facts about the legendary hero.

  • He was conceived through trickery, as the god, Zeus, disguised himself as the husband of Hercules's mother, Alcmene.
  • Heracles got named after Hera, Zeus's wife. It means "Glory of Hera."
  • His fraternal twin is a mortal named Iphicles.
  • Hercules fathered more than fifty children before he turned 19.
  • Hera was his mortal enemy, as she was enraged by the infidelity of Zeus.
  • Hercules learned literature and writing from a Muse's son, Linus, whom he later killed in a fit of rage.
  • The 12 Labors took him more than a decade to complete.
  • The powerful man was killed posthumously by the Centaur Nessus, who tricked Hercules's wife, Deianira, into giving him a poisoned shirt to prevent infidelity.

Pegasus, the horse of Hercules, is a very popular mythological figure. His name comes from two different Greek words: "Pegos" which means strong and "Pegaios" which means mountain spring (where he is though to have been born). Pegasus parents weren't horses: he is said to have been born from the Gorgon Medusa and the god of the sea, Poseidon; and he had several less famous brothers, one of which was a winged boar.

This magical winged horse was the protagonists of many different myths and having wings wasn't the only thing that was special about him: Greek myths tell us he was very noisy and could scare off men with the sound of his hooves, that he could create springs wherever he stepped and also that he was incredibly strong and noble.

On his last day, Zeus honored the horse by turning him into beautiful stars and that is the origin of the constellation named "Pegasus".


Hercules & Pegasus slot may look like it has been developed by Disney, but this is a game which should still be taken seriously.

It has decent features aplenty and is cheap enough to suffice all players, newbies and seasoned pros alike. This is a refreshing take on the Greek mythology slot genre. The slot debuted in December 2019 and can be played at all top online casinos offering slots from Pragmatic Play.