Hercules Son of Zeus

hercules son of zeus

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Game Info

Developer Pragmatic Play
RTP 95.1%
Min Bet 50p
Max Bet £250
Paylines 25
Reels 5x4
Special Features free spins and extra wilds

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How to Play

Son of Zeus is a UK slots game which was released in 2017 from Pragmatic Play and has a predictable but enjoyable Ancient Greek mythology theme. Hercules: Son of Zeus slot is everything you would expect from such a game, but also a bit more. For instance, the developers have ensured that this game covers a broader selection of the pantheon of Greek deities than your average, run-of-the-mill game.

Goldrushslots.co.uk have over 600 online slots for UK players to enjoy and here is a slot game which not only stands out in terms of imagery but also stands out in terms of wagers. That may not necessarily be a positive for players, though. For instance, minimum bets are set to cost at least 50p a spin, with maximum stakes rising to £250 a game. That is notable because there are only 25 pay-lines on the reels of Hercules: Son of Zeus slot. The non-progressive jackpot is also on the petite side, standing at just 16x your bet (per winning combo on a line) while the RTP rate is slightly below more recent casino games, at the industry standard level of 95.1%.

 Special Features

The famed Temple of Zeus acts as a wild symbol in Hercules: Son of Zeus slot and is one of the few icons which is representing deities from Greek mythology. Wilds will naturally replace all other symbols, save for scatter icons. Wilds are the only symbols which do not offer up cash prizes on their own, too.

Scatter symbols can dish out prizes in Hercules: Son of Zeus online slot, with three appearing on the screen delivering a 2x cash prize to players. Scatters also serve another purpose, though. If these Zeus symbols pop up on the second, third and fourth reels at the same time, players will trigger a free spins bonus. It is the only real special feature in the game, so players are going to want to take full advantage of this bonus round. 

hercules son of zeus slot

Free Spins & Bonus Features

Once the free spin bonus begins in Hercules: Son of Zeus slot, players are set to be offered an extra wild on the three central reels. This will remain in place until the player runs out of spins. While players do only start with 6 free games (and that doesn’t sound too impressive) further free spins can be won whenever scatters appear. Just a single scatter icon will offer players one further free spin.

No other special features appear in this round. While the free spin game is decent and triggered relatively frequently, the Hercules: Son of Zeus slot could rather have done with another bonus round, or perhaps even a gamble feature to spice up its gameplay.

Fun Facts!

There are no prizes for guessing the theme of Hercules: Son of Zeus slot game. But how much do you really know about the Greek hero?

Although one of the famous Greek heroes out there, some people might now actually know a lot about Hercules, the son of Zeus. One of the more surprising things about him was that he wasn't actually a son of Hera. He was born with Zeus as his father, and Alcmene as his mother. When this was realized by Hera, it drove her to a jealous rage that she tried to make it difficult for Hercules even as a young boy.

This continued until Hera did the unthinkable, she cursed Hercules with the curse of madness, which temporarily drove him insane. During this fit of insanity, Hercules unknowingly murdered his wife and 2 children. In order for him to get past the curse, he had to perform the 12 labours, all of which were designed to test his mettle in battle. Some of the more famous labours were the slaying of the Nemean Lion, the slaying of the Lernaean Hydra, and the capture of Cerberus from Hades.

After all was said and done, the curse was finally lifted and Hercules was able to live out his life. Upon his death, he was personally carried to Olympus by Athena, while using her chariot.


Hercules: Son of Zeus slot is not going to blow anybody away. The game is a touch on the generic side at times in terms of features, and although its graphics and theme are decent, they alone are unlikely to win over too many players.

Prizes could do with being a little more profitable given the wagering range in this release, but Pragmatic Play has still come up with a decent effort which may be worth a punt.