Ice Wolf

ice wolf

ELK Studios' Fantasy-Style UK Slot Game

Ice Wolf slot is a UK online slot game which is somewhat muddled in terms of its theme. There are elements of Game of Thrones and other fantasy sagas present in the game’s theme. However, there are also Norse mythology and Native American imagery present, too. None of that should matter too much for slot players who wish to give Ice Wolf a try, though, as the game comes with a variety of nifty features which impress far more than the theme.  

For starters, the Ice Wolf slot features anything from 729 up to 74,088 pay lines during gameplay. Three to seven rows of symbols can appear on each of the six reels in the game, with the number of lines varying on each spin, much like a MegaWays slot. This game is, however, developed by ELK Studios, not BTG. Players are looking at stakes which cost a floor bet of 20p a spin. Ceiling bets can rise to £100 a spin. Ice Wolf has an RTP rate of 96.1%, but it is deemed a highly volatile release and one which can deliver prizes worth up to 2,500x a bet.

Ice Wolf Slot Quick Info

Developer ELK Studios
RTP 96.1%
Min Bet 20p
Max Bet £100
Paylines 729 - 74,088
Reels 6
Special Features Collapsing Reels, Sticky Wilds, Respins

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Ice Wolf Slot Special Features

The ELK Studios developed online slot features the tried and tested collapsing reels system of gameplay. In short, players will start with 729 ways to win. This will increase with every win a player lands in succession, as winning emblems are removed from the reels and replaced by newer ones. Chain together slot wins and you could up with the full monty of 74,088 pay lines in play. 

To aid players in landing wins, there are a few goodies which can be called into action. Base game modifiers can be found in the top row of symbols. If players clear the ice from those reels, they can drop in to play. These include sticky wilds, multipliers which range from 2x up to 50x and a +1 symbol. 

Ice Wolf Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features 

There is no free spin bonus in the Ice Wolf slot, so players are going to have to rely on re-spins to do the job for them. The Ice Wolf slot’s wild symbols will remain sticky until all re-spins have been used. The +1 icon also remains sticky until it is called into action. Once no new re-spins are available, it will become unlocked, giving you a further spin, and potentially more if you win. Lastly, the multipliers will boost your wins no matter which reel they appear in. The multipliers are also sticky and will remain in play until the end of the free spin bonus. 

ice wolf slot

Fun Facts!

The reels of Ice Wolf slot feature a rather fierce-looking Arctic wolf. This geographically isolated species of wolf is often called "polar wolf" because they inhabit the Arctic regions. Did you know these fascinating facts about the majestic white wolf?

  1. The Arctic wolf has a double layer coat. This prevents them from freezing in extreme cold.
  2. The inner layer of the Arctic wolf's coat is waterproof.
  3. They have padded feet that help them move comfortably in frozen grounds.
  4. They can tolerate five months to twelve months of complete darkness.
  5. An Arctic wolf can consume over 20 pounds of meat in one meal.
  6. They use urine as markers of the borders of their territories
  7. In chasing its prey, it can reach a speed of 40 miles per hour.
  8. Unlike the other species of wolf, Arctic wolves are not endangered.
  9. The alpha male and female are the only ones who can mate in the pack.
  10. Young pups are fed with swallowed food until they're capable of hunting.

Why We Love Ice Wolf Slot Game

Ice Wolf slot is unquestionably one of the tidiest little slots in the UK. The ELK Studios slot is obviously designed to closely resemble a MegaWays release, and in that regard, it succeeds. However, many of the newer MegaWays slots dish out both re-spins and free spins. The older ones tend to only offer re-spins, so Ice Wolf does seem a bit dated. The game could really have done with an additional free spin round, but we are sure players in our casino will appreciate the features the slot does carry.