Kraken Conquest

kraken conquest

Norse Legend Casino Slot from Leander Games

No prizes are paid out for correctly guessing the theme of Leander Games’ Kraken Conquest slot. Based on the old Norse legend of a giant leviathan who sucked sailors and ships down to their depths, the slot offers a refreshing new look at Norse mythology. Whereas most of those games are centred on Vikings or deities, Kraken Conquest serves up something different. It isn’t just the theme of the game which stands out. This Leander developed slot also features Bonus Boost meters which make the game stand out. 

Kraken Conquest slot is played out over the usual array of 5 reels and 25 lines. However, Kraken Conquest is not going to be as cheap to play as you might imagine, with bets rising from 50p up to £25 a game. This monster-themed casino slot game does at least deliver a considerable non-progressive jackpot prize, which is pegged at around a thousand times whatever is wagered. The RTP rate in Kraken Conquest is average, at 95.96% in all.  

Kraken Conquest Slot Quick Info

Developer Leander Games
RTP 96.5%
Min Bet 50p
Max Bet £25.00
Paylines 25
Reels 5
Special Features 2x multiplier feature

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Kraken Conquest Slot Special Features 

Like most modern video slots, wild symbols can spring up on the reels of Kraken Conquest slot. They appear as the Kraken’s tentacles, and these sucker-filled emblems can substitute for any standard paying icons. These aren’t going to help with free spin symbols, though. 

Those free spin symbols appear as the eye of the mythical beast. The scatters can appear on the first, third and fifth reels of the Kraken’s Conquest slot, and you’ll need them on all three if you hope to trigger the bonus round. 

The base game also has two randomly triggered features. The Lightning Strike mode can deliver an instant win cash prize. The Kraken Slap turns an entire reel into a wild symbol at random. 

kraken conquest slot

Kraken Conquest Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features 

After initiating the Kraken Conquest slot free spin bonus, players will be rewarded with a total of eight free games. A 2x multiplier will double any wins you initially land in the round, but wild symbols appearing on the reels can raise those multipliers to a value worth up to 8x. Of course, landing three more scatter symbols will trigger another set of eight free spins. 

While the bonus is being played, the Bonus Boost meter will catch your attention. Whenever a free spin icon lands on the first and third reels, it will raise the meter just a touch. Boosting the meter at least four times will trigger further goodies. 

To the right of the reels is a Kraken Cash meter. This raises when tentacles appear on the three central reels. It will trigger increasing multipliers (as mentioned), but if the meter is filled, a Kraken Cash round is triggered. What follows is a click and win game which can deliver cash prizes, extra lives, and multipliers. 

Fun Facts

Kraken Conquest slot is based upon an ancient Norse legend. How much do you know about the Kraken?

You'll know The Kraken as a giant sea monster, one that has giant tentacles that are hell-bent on destroying any ships and pulling down unsuspecting sailors from their decks. This what the myths have stated at least, bringing fear to sailors throughout the centuries leading up to modern times. The Kraken's existence became known in the 13th-century thanks to an Icelandic saga known as the Örvar-Oddr, which referred to the Kraken as The Hafgufa, a creature that lived off the coasts of Norway and Greenland.

Another paper came out in the 13th century, this one of scientific nature that also referenced the Kraken. The paper described the creature's actions, claiming it was not able to reproduce as it was the only one observed. Cementing this in a science paper, a botanist named Carolus Linnaeus also discussed the Kraken's existence in his taxonomy book, Systema Naturae in 1735, and classified it as a cephalopod instead of a squid.

The Kraken was originally thought to be like a giant crab or colossal whale but was later on to be described as resembling a giant octopus.

Why We Love Kraken Conquest Slot

Leander Games Kraken Conquest slot is costly to play. However, the slot is unique in terms of its theme, and when it comes to its special features. If you can stomach the somewhat costly wagering range, there is lots of fun to be had here. 

Kraken Conquest