Legacy of Ra

legacy of ra

Ancient Egyptian Megaways UK Slot Game

Blueprint Gaming has been relentless in their development of MegaWays slots ever since they first acquired the license to Big Time Gaming’s MegaWays engine. Despite its Ancient Egyptian theme (as we’ve seen countless of these types of online slots over the years), Legacy of Ra: Megaways slot does stand out for its originality. The graphics are certainly as plain as ever for this type of game, but from a feature perspective, there is going on here.

Legacy of Ra: MegaWays slot doesn’t offer up the full one hundred thousand-plus pay line structure you can sometimes get in MegaWays games. Instead, Blueprint has cut the number of ways to win down to around 15,625 in all. Even so, there will still be ample ways for you to win on the reels of this release, with bets costing as little as 10p a turn. Players can wager up to a tenner a spin if they want. Prizes are about average for a MegaWays game.

Legacy of Ra Megaways Slot Quick Info

Developer Blueprint Gaming
RTP 96.01%
Min Bet 10p
Max Bet £10
Paylines 15,625 Megaways
Reels 5
Special Features Free Spins

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Legacy of Ra Megaways Slot Special Features

As with all MegaWays slots, Legacy of Ra Megaways slot features a random number of pay lines on each spin. Symbol sizes vary but are ultimately responsible for how many pay lines you will start with on each turn. Given the pay line structure, simply landing identical icons adjacent to one another is enough to win in this game.

Wild symbols appear as pyramid scrolls in Legacy of Ra Megaways slot, and these will naturally substitute for any icons you may need to win, save for scatter icons. Those bonus symbols are responsible for a free spin bonus, although you will need to land at least 3 symbols on the reels to get things moving.

Legacy of Ra Megaways Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features

Players can kick start their free spins bonus with 10, 15, 25 or 50 free spins in Legacy of Ra slot, depending on whether 3, 4, 5 or 6 scatters were acquired in the base game. However, before the spins commence, one symbol will be chosen at random to appear as a special stacked icon. This same type of free spin feature can be found in many other top Ancient Egyptian slots, such as Novomatic’s Book of Ra, so we know where the inspiration for this bonus comes from.

These expanding icons can make the difference between winning and losing. Legacy of Ra slot's bonus round can also be retriggered should players manage to acquire a handful of scatters on the reels once more. Alternatively, if you can’t wait to trigger the round in the first place, you can always opt to buy this bonus straight from the off. Be warned, though; this will cost you 100x the standard bet, which is a bit pricey, to say the least.

legacy of ra megaways slot

Fun Facts!

Head back in time to the fascinating era of Ancient Egypt in Legacy of Ra slot game. When you hear the phrase "Ancient Egypt", what comes to mind? The Pharaohs? The Great Pyramids?

Well, there's much more to be said about this enchanting period of time. Here are a few more wonderful and surprising things that you should know about ancient Egypt.

The famous Cleopatra VII, may have been born in Alexandria, but she descended from one of Alexander the Great's trusted lieutenants, Ptolemy I. So, she was actually from a long line of Greek Macedonians. Talking of women, did you know that ancient Egyptian women enjoyed some sort of freedom and various rights? Socially and publicly, they were viewed as inferior to men but they have the right to enter into some legal contracts, buy and sell properties, even serve as a jury.

You might have noticed from pictures and/or movies, yes; ancient Egyptians loved their makeup. Both male and female use cosmetics and perfumes liberally.

On the fun side, Ancient Egyptians had a passion for playing board games. The most popular is called Senet which dates back since 3,500 B.C.

Why we Love Legacy of Ra Slot Game

Legacy of Ra: MegaWays slot is just one of many Blueprint slots to feature this kind of engine. Given the popularity of MegaWays games, if this one doesn’t do it for you, there are other options available. Moreover, there is no shortage of other Ancient Egyptian slot machines for you to play online, either. This release does a decent job of managing to merge both elements into a fun to play slot game, though.

Legacy of Ra Megaways