Mystic Wheel

mystic wheel

A Mystical UK Online Slot Game

Mystic Wheel slot doesn’t have an overly clear theme to it, but that won’t stop players being able to experience what is an excessively bizarre and different UK slots game than what they are used to seeing. There are elements of numerous themes wove into a single game here, including Norse mythology, fantasy and more. Developed by Red Tiger Gaming, the Mystic Wheel slot is a little all over the place. This makes it a zany and exciting game, though. Just don’t expect a lot in terms of special features. 

Players will find that the Mystic Wheel UK slot is played over 5 reels and 30 pay lines. So far, everything seems relatively straightforward. However, wagers are considerably cheaper than many players might expect. Stakes cost as little as 10p a turn here, while maximum bets are capped at £20 a game in total. With a bit of luck, slot players can snap up wins which are worth as much as 10,000 coins a turn in this release. The Red Tiger slot has a return to player (RTP) rate of 95.09%, which is just scarcely above the industry standard for modern online slots. 

Mystic Wheel Slot Quick Info

Developer Red Tiger
RTP 95.09%
Min Bet 10p
Max Bet £20
Paylines 30
Reels 5
Special Features Mystic Wheel Feature

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Mystic Wheel Slot Special Features

Unfortunately, wild symbols do not make an appearance in Mystic Wheel slot game. However, you were warned that special features would be few and far between. Fortunately, while there is no wild symbol, there are scatter/bonus symbols which can appear.

These show up as the Mystic Wheel slot logo. Slot players are required to bag at least three such symbols to trigger the slot’s only bonus round. When three or more do pop up, they will be taken to a wheel, which they can spin a total of three times. 

mystic wheel slot

Mystic Wheel Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features

This game takes its title from the Mystic Wheel slot feature it contains. As mentioned, players will get a total of 3 free spins on this bonus giving wheel. There are several things which can be won from the wheel. Multipliers against your total bet and additional spins represent two of the most prosperous goodies you can snap up.

Various forms and values of multipliers can be won. Obviously, the more additional spins a player lands on this Mystic Wheel slot, the more they are likely to win. Once their spins are over, any multipliers they have acquired will be added together and multiplied against a player’s total bet. That prize will then be paid out to the player. 

While this bonus round is incredibly dull and lacks oomph, there are still a few reasons to get excited, especially when successive spins on the wheel are granted. It is possible to win up to 10,000x a bet if you play your cards right in Mystic Wheel slot game. 

Fun Facts!

The Celtic ring is one of the featured symbols on the reels of Mystic Wheel slot game. Do you know what the ring symbolises?

The Celtic ring symbolises friendship and loyalty. But, where can its origins be found?

Many would have us believe that the idea originates in Ireland. Does it really? It is said that the origins of the Celtic ring goes back further than that.

If you have ever visited the West Country or Wales, you will probably have heard stories of the origins of the Celtic ring. It is thought that the ring that King Arthur gave his queen Guinevere was in fact a Celtic ring.

The story of Arthur is rich in symbolism. It is thought that he would buried in Glastonbury. King Richard I who years later was said to have moved the body of King Arthur, is said to have found a Celtic ring. If this is true, it means the story of the Celtic ring goes way back into British pre-history.

What is the truth? In many ways, it would be nice if the Celtic ring could be allowed to keep its secrets. Maybe we just need to believe.

Why We Love Mystic Wheel Slot Game

A lack of features and a quirky theme might be two things which work against this Mystic Wheel UK slot. However, very few players who have triggered the bonus round of this game would consider it a waste of time. There are good prizes to be won via the feature, even if it doesn’t have the level of heart-stopping action an excellent free spin bonus could provide.

Mystic Wheel