Planet of the Apes

planet of the apes

A Dual Reel UK Slot Release Based on the Hollywood Blockbuster Series

Net Entertainment tends to do significant motion picture-themed UK slots well. The Scandinavian software developer produces these titles so well, in fact, that they have created a slot which features two top films in one game. Planet of the Apes slot is based on two of the newer movies in the series; the Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

NetEnt has opted for a totally revolutionary gaming system for this release. There are two sets of 5 reels, each with 20 pay lines on offer. The dual reels are both included in your stake, which ranges from a floor of 20p a spin, up to a ceiling of £200 a game. Players will find that prizes are non-progressive and reach no higher than 1,000x a stake, while the RTP is a fair and respectable 96.33%. Now, onto the somewhat extensive set of special features that this game has to offer.

Planet of the Apes Slot Quick Info

Developer NetEntertainment
RTP 96.33%
Min Bet 20p
Max Bet £200
Paylines 20
Reels 5
Special Features Dual Feature, Free Spins

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Planet of the Apes Slot Special Features

The left reel set is known as Rise, and the rightmost is Dawn. Wild symbols appear in two colours. The Rise reels feature a gold one, and the Dawn reels contain a red wild. Both types of wilds can substitute for all other symbols on their respective reels, save for bonus symbols. Stacked wilds which appear on the first reel of the Rise reel set will be duplicated on the first column of the Dawn reel set.

Before any spin, a randomly triggered Dual Feature may occur. This can see one symbol from each set of reels selected. This (and all instances of it) will become frozen, with players offered re-spins to add to that winning combo until no new wins occur. If a symbol lands on the wrong side, it switches over to its proper reel set.

Bonus rounds exist for both reel sets in this release. Pocketing the Rise symbol on the first reel (of the Rise set) or the Dawn bonus icon on the fifth reel (of the Dawn set) will trigger each respective bonus. The Rise Bonus promises to turn every human and ape icon into cash prizes. The Dawn Bonus turns those symbols into the same icon.

Fun Facts!

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
  • The word "Ape" was mentioned 33 times in this movie. That is 22 more than the previous instalment of the series.
  • In this movie, there are 4 apes who can speak. That is up 3 from the previous movie because only one ape spoke.
  • There are 11 human characters who are in this film.
  • Caesar is now 18 years old. At the last movie, the ape was 8 years old. He also says 186 words in the entire movie which is 52 ore words than Coba who spoke 154 words throughout the entire movie.
  • The movie occurs in 2026 which is ten years after the previous one.
  • Maurice is named after the Hollywood star who played one of the major characters in the previous movies which is Dr Zaius. It is no surprise how they paid homage to Hollywood legends who were in the classic Apes movies several decades ago.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Those who watch, 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes," will find that it is left very vague what happens to James Franco's character, Will Rodman. In the sequel to the movie he appears in a brief old video clip and is referred to by Ceasar as having been a good man, but that is it.

Interestingly, there were plans at first to have it be very clear how and when Will Rodman died. There was, in fact, a scene that was filmed where Will Rodman is shot by armed humans in a forest who are chasing the apes and are enraged he is helping with the animals' escape.

This alternate ending can actually be seen on DVDs and Blu-Rays of the film. This was deemed to be too depressing an ending, so the scene with Will and Ceasar accepting each other as equals before Ceasar escapes was used in the main film instead, with it intentionally left unclear what happened to Will.

Planet of the Apes Slots Free Spins & Bonus Features

Players will also find two free spin bonuses in this game. Three scatters on either the Rise or Dawn reels will trigger their respective bonuses. The Rise free spin round offers 10 free games, with all wilds collected and redistributed onto the reels for a Super Spin at the end. The Dawn free spin bonus offers 15 spins, during which flame symbols can fill metres which offer further spins, multipliers or added wilds.

planet of the apes slot

Fun Facts!

  1. Even though the Original 1968 Planet of the Apes movie about desegregation and equal right, the cast somehow fell into doing the complete opposite of that when they were off-camera. They all went off to separate groups during lunch. Humans ate with humans, chimps with chimps, gorillas with gorillas, and so on.
  2. The ending was top secret! It was such a secret that the last 3 pages of the script were actually fake.
  3. Charlton Heston had the flu during the film's first shoot. Instead of waiting for him to recover, the producers decided to incorporate is hoarse voice into his character while filming.
  4. They thought it was going to flop. Because everyone was dressed as some sort of primate a lot of people thought it would be another B-class movie.
  5. It was the highest-grossing film of 1968. The film grossed $32 million domestically on a budget of $5.8 million. It was also nominated for two Oscars but did not take any home.

Why UK Players Planet of The Apes Slot

Planet of the Apes slot is not only an action-packed, movie-themed slot. This game is also jam-packed with features. Much of the gameplay in this release cannot be found in other titles. With that in mind, even if you aren’t a fan of the Planet of the Apes film series, you may wish to give this NetEnt video slot a quick once over.

Planet of the Apes