Shamans Dream

shamans dream

Striking Native American Casino Slot Game from Eyecon

Shaman’s Dream slot by Eyecon Gaming is an online and mobile slot with a beautiful Native American feel. This popular game sits peacefully against a stunning sunset background, taking you back to nature and providing an opportunity to enjoy some tranquillity as you spin the reels of this easy casino slot game.

Shamans Dream slot offers 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 variable pay lines and a fairly standard slot game format with a simple free spins bonus game. Enjoy classic fruit machine sound effects – or turn them off if you so wish, and plenty of imagery transporting you to another era and environment: feathered headdresses, American wildlife, gadgets and teepees. Shaman’s Dream is a superbly enjoyable game to play and offers up an RTP of 95.4%.

Shamans Dream Slot Quick Info

Developer Eyecon
RTP 95.4%
Min Bet 50p
Max Bet £12.50
Paylines 256
Reels 5x3
Special Features dreamcatcher Scatter

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Shamans Dream Slot Special Features

The striking Arctic wolf is the golden symbol within the Shamans Dream slot. These tumbling onto your reels will bring the dream alive, with the highest value in the game as well as serving as the wild symbol. Other reel symbols include Native Americans, an American Eagle, a buffalo, totem poles and more. The dream catcher symbol is another key icon; this is the scatter and the gateway to Shaman’s Dream bonus feature. The wolf wild acts as a substitute for all symbols within the game, except for the dream catcher bonus. Furthermore, the wolf doubles any prizes it creates by acting as a substitute within a winning combination.

The provision for bets per line is varied; players can choose to place a stake as little as £0.01 per line or as high as £0.50 per line. It’s possible to play with just 1 pay line, while the maximum is  25 pay lines, resulting in the highest possible stake of £12.50.

Fun Fact #1

The Native American dream catcher is based on Asibikaashi, who is a spider woman that helped keep children safe from nightmares. The spider woman prevented her grandson from crushing a spider and as a reward, the spider showed her how to spin webs that would catch bad dreams and let good dreams pass through so they would be remembered.

The shape of the dream catcher is meant to represent a spider web, where the bad dreams are trapped in the main strings and the good dreams pass through the hole in the center. The feathers at the bottom of the dream catcher are to help your good dreams slide down to you. The dream catcher originated from the Ojibwe tribe which spread to the four corners of North America. Asibikaashi was unable to get to every bed each night so the women of the tribe wove their own dream catchers to hang by their children so they would continue to be protected from their nightmares.

Fun Fact #2

The American Eagle is not only a symbol in Shamans Dream Slot but also a symbol of freedom, strength and awe in the entire world. This majestic bird has become a symbol of the United States and the sky itself and few animals are as iconic in popular culture across the globe. So it might surprise you to learn that these eagles are... Actually kinda lazy.

Or at the very least rather pragmatical. See American Eagles are what we know as opportunistic feeders, and like the name implies these animals would much rather prefer to look for a perfect opportunity than make one themselves.

What this means is that while they can hunt and eat a wide variety of animals they more often than not just stick with what's easy. Fish are their main source of food because they largely can't defend themselves, it's easy to find injured due to other skirmishes and most importantly the very currents they swim in can result deadly for them. Making fish the easiest snack for a bird that would rather not make a big effort.

shamans dream slot

Shaman’s Dream Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features

The Shaman’s Dream slot bonus feature is a straightforward yet enthusing free spins round. Have at least 3 dream catcher scatter symbols tumble onto your reels and you’ll grab a princely 15 free games. These free spins can be retriggered – a total of 15 times – and even better, any prizes occurring during free spins are tripled in worth.

Shaman’s Dream is also one of those classic online slots that offer a Gamble bonus feature. So if you’re feeling a little courageous, click on the Gamble option below the reels after a win and have a go at doubling your money. The Gamble bonus will either pay double or pay nothing, depending on whether you have correctly selected which one of two available choices will be revealed. For example, will the next playing card to be revealed be red or black? Choose the correct option and double your prize!

Fun Fact #3

Native Americans are said to have been living in the American continent 12,000 BC, and they are not a single culture but a varied mix of many different cultures, languages and religions. The term "native American" does not only include the indigenous peoples residing in North America either, but also those residing in South America before the Spanish invasion. Some historians believe the native groups of South America might have been there since 30,000 BC.

Most indigenous people residing in the US favour the term "American Indians"; however those in Canada and Alaska prefer to use "First Nations". The term "Native Americans" applies to indigenous people from both countries and was originated when Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas and though he has landed in the East Indies. Upon returning home, he spoke of the "Indians" that he encountered and the term, while incorrect, stuck to create the denominations we use today

Why We Love Shaman’s Dream Slot

Shaman’s Dream slot has been around a while yet still remains highly popular due to its handsome and serene theme, classic gameplay including a free spins bonus and a Gamble feature, and it’s all-round suitability for low risk and high-risk gamblers alike. If you haven’t yet tried Shaman’s Dream slot, we wholly recommend a few spins of this enjoyable casino game.

Shaman's Dream