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Slingo Rainbow Riches Casino Game - The Taste Of Pure Gambling and Excitement

Slingo Rainbow Riches slot is an unconventional casino game having 5x5 reels and 12 rows. We have used the word unconventional, and the reason for it is Slingo Rainbow Riches has used the bingo game mechanism instead of regular casino reels. The RTP it offers to the players is 95%. And, you will be surprised to know, with this slot machine and bingo game hybrid, you can win up to £250,000. Barcrest is the proud provider of this unique slot machine.

Slingo Rainbow Riches Slot Quick Info

Developer Barcrest
RTP 95%
Min Bet 50p
Max Bet £200
Paylines 12
Reels 5
Special Features 7 Bonus Games

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Slingo Rainbow Riches Slot Special Symbols

Slingo Rainbow Riches slot has a room full of special symbols, performing their unique designated responsibilities. There is a special Joker symbol responsible for marking off any number form on its upper Column. Next is the Special Joker Symbol that has the power of marking any number from the entire playing grid. Devil symbols come as impediments for making the game more fun and thrilling. They can block any potential match on the gaming grid. The free spin symbol is another soul charmer here. It arrives at the gaming scene for adding up an extra spin with the total spins you have.

bonus features

Slingo Rainbow Riches Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features

  • Wishing Well Bonus

Wishing Well Bonus is a pick me bonus in Slingo Rainbow Riches slot, where you need to choose one from the three wells. To activate this bonus feature, you need to achieve one wishing well symbol. Bonuses can be as lucrative as €20.

  • Cash Crop Bonus

The Leprechaun symbol is a triggering requirement for this bonus feature in Slingo Rainbow Riches slot. In this Cash Crop Bonus, winning values get revealed by fifty coins spin. You will get the opportunities to play 4 different, highly valuable rounds. These rounds can be attached with x0.5, x1, x2, x5, and x10 multipliers.

  • Magic Toadstool Bonus

This is another pick me bonus feature of the Slingo Rainbow Riches slot game. There will be 3 picks for you that can win an x1 to x5 multiplier or a fairy. Every fairy you receive will bring the revelation of 3 more values. If all values are revealed by 1 pick trebles the accumulated wins. And, if there's only 1 pick remaining, it will double the accumulated wins.

  • Magic Toadstool Red Bonus

In this bonus round of Slingo Rainbow Riches slot, you will have 4 picks for revelling x1 to x5 multipliers. If three picks are remaining, the accumulated win will be quadrupled, the win will be trebled with 2 picks, and if there is 1 pick, your win will be doubled.

  • The Road to Riches Bonus

In this feature, you will have to spin a reel to explore a trial full of win multipliers until you hit the collect Slingo Rainbow Riches slot.

  • The Road to Riches Red Bonus

This feature of Slingo Rainbow Riches slot is also very similar to the Road to Riches Bonus, but the only difference is your winning multipliers will be doubled.

  • Triggers The Pots of Gold Bonus

In this feature, 12 pots full of riches will be spinning around your game screen in Slingo Rainbow Riches slot. One that lands on the arrow will be provided to you.

Slingo Gameplay

Fun Facts!

Slingo Rainbow Riches slot is a combination of the unique game of Slingo and the immensely popular Rainbow Riches casino game. What is Slingo?

Have you never heard of Slingo? in that case, you are one of the few people on the planet who have not done so.

The game Slingo was created way back in 1994 by two New Jersey real estate developers. The game combines both slots and bingo. So, if you are a fan of either one, you should have a go at Slingo. It will give you an entirely new gaming experience.

It is a popular game? Slingo is a very popular game. As a matter of fact, the facts speak for themselves. In 2013, a company called RealNetworks acquired Slingo for an astonishing $15.6 million. Let's face it, you can buy a lot of real estate for that!

As far as bingo and slot gaming goes, it is one of the more fast-moving games.

There are versions of Slingo for both PC and mobile phones. If you are a serious Slingo fan, you can buy a dedicated electronic game. Slingo spin-off's include slot machines and lottery tickets.

Why We Love Slingo Rainbow Riches slot

You will love this casino game if you love testing new gambling variants. Slingo Rainbow Riches slot game pays well, packed with features, and the RTP is quite dazzling too.