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Inspired Gaming's Dazzling 3x3 Online Slot Game

Sparkle slot from Inspired Gaming is a 3x3-slot game with 5 paylines that is sure to match the glint in your eyes. The precious gems in the reels are more rewarding since this slot game offers an RTP of 94%. There is a chance to a maximum win of £250,000, thereby enticing the medium and high rollers alike.

Sparkle Slot Quick Info

Developer Inspired Gaming
RTP 94%
Min Bet 20p
Max Bet £100
Paylines 25
Reels 3x3
Special Features multiplier rewards

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Sparkle Slot Special Symbols

We are talking of playing with big valuable gemstones that sparkle. So, there is no special symbol or a Wild symbol in Sparkle slot. The diamond is the highest valued symbol, and on getting 5 in a row, you earn £6000. There is a green emerald stone paying £2000 coins and a purple gemstone that pays £4000. The blue and violet coloured stones fetch you £1600 each. The smaller stones of red and yellow offer £800 if you get one of a kind in a row.

Sparkle Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features

Match 3 on a payline to get multiplier rewards. The diamond offers a maximum prize multiplier here. The game has winning lines where any of the wins can happen on any or all of the lines. Only the highest award is on offer to the players if they get any winning match. The wins are played on different lines, and their wins are added to your games. The wins pay from left to right.

A notable aspect is the game developer for Sparkle slot has kept the game very straightforward. As the betting range starts from £1 and adjusts the reels. It is advisable to bet the max for getting maximum matches.

There is no special bonus feature to worry about and bet. However, you have the option to bet in a range of 20p, and the maximum it can go is £100 to take home a reward of £250,000.

The beauty of the game is that though you can start betting for such a low amount, the prize is something worthwhile. It will take off all your worries as you enjoy the 3x3 reels.

There is a feature of Turbo Play, which takes the Autoplay option to another level altogether. This can spin off the reels at great speed. This gives the reels the much-needed speed and breaks the monotony of the regular reel spins. Considering the thrill, you can expect it as high as you are willing to go. The betting range goes up to £100, and that is a figure many high rollers may find adrenaline-pumping for sure. The higher the stake, the game gets as thrilling too.


Fun Facts

Sparkle slot heavily features diamonds on its reels. Did you know which is the biggest diamond in the world?

The "Cullinan" is deemed to be the biggest diamond in the world. It was discovered at a mine in South Africa in 1905. Premier Mining was the company that oversaw the discovery at the time. The diamond weighs about 1.33 pounds in all. It is estimated to be at around 3,133 carats in a more accurate weight measure. Surprisingly, the Cullinan was accidentally discovered as part of the mining operations. It was a routine inspection service that uncovered the Cullinan and it was definitely a shock to them.

The Queen now lays claim to the Cullinan at the UK. The monarchy has possession of many large jewels. Their reserve has become well known for the high grade jewels in store. But the Cullinan has got to be the largest such possession that they have in place. The size of the diamond is impressive and has added to the renown too.

Why We Love Sparkle Slot

The Sparkle slot comes with all the glitz and bling you need on a reel that promises a fancy reward. The Inspired Gaming title can take you on a nostalgic ride back in time to the early 80s. If you miss any of the old-school arcade games, this slot is sure to appeal to you. The 3x3 reel packs in all the goodness in the form of multiplier rewards and much more.