An Imaginative Wolf-Themed Mobile Slot Release from NetEnt

Spinsane slot is something of a baffling release. The game has a confusing name for a mobile slot game which is essentially about wolves. Designed and developed by the Scandinavian provider, Net Entertainment; Spinsane is quite bizarre in other ways, too, not least its pay line structure. A dose of normality is brought to the release when one starts looking at the mobile slot’s special features, though.

Although there are 5 reels in this mobile slots game, there is a rather unusual set of 27 pay lines to get to grips within the game. These are fixed into place and don’t correspond with the wagering range. You might be expecting a minimum stake of 27p a spin. Spinsane slot costs as little as 10p a turn, though. On top of that, maximum bets can rise as high as £500 a spin, so players on all budgets will find something to their liking with this release. It is worth noting that players can win up to 5,000x their bet in this game, which has an RTP (return to player) rate of 96.26%.

Spinsane Slot Quick Info

Developer Netent
RTP 96.26%
Min Bet 10p
Max Bet £500
Paylines 27
Reels 5
Special Features stacked scatters

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Spinsane Slot Special Features

The NetEnt mobile slot is not exactly bursting over with special features. There aren’t too many standard symbols in Spinsane slot, either. Wolf, paw print and tooth symbols can appear as basic icons, or they appear “clawed” as wild symbols. Each clawed version can only substitute for its standard version, which makes them far less efficient than players might like.

A proper wild appears in Spinsane slot, too. The “W” symbol can substitute for any other symbols you may need to bag a win. They only show up on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels. Moreover, they cannot substitute for scatter symbols.

Those scatter icons appear as wolves barking at the full moon. These scatters can appear stacked on the reels, and that is a good thing; you will need at least five of them to trigger Spinsane slot’s free spin bonus round.

spinsane slot

Spinsane Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features

That bonus round consists of a scatter feature in Spinsane slot. The total number of scatters you trigger the round with is important. The maximum number of spins you start with is determined by those scatters. However, many scatters you land will be doubled to give you your total number of free spins. 

Players can land further free spins once the bonus is being played in Spinsane slot game. Every additional scatter you land offers you one further spin to your tally. There is also one other added perk worked into the design of this mobile slot’s bonus round. Every single spin will see one of the reels of the mobile slots (between the second and fifth reels) transform into a wild reel. Check out more UK mobile slots here.

Fun Facts!

The majestic wolf is once again featured as the main character in an online casino game; this time we're playing Spinsane slot. What is it about wolves that fascinates us so much?

Wolves have been around for at least one million years. They belong to the same species as dogs. Maybe that is why they are so appealing to us.

Are wolves dangerous to humans? It would appear that wolves are more frighten of us than we are of them. Most wolves will do their best to stay away from us. However, there has been records of wolves seeking the company of humans.

We have all heard stories of children getting lost in the wilderness and being reared by wolves. There could be some truth to this folk tale. Wolves, just like their canine cousins, do seem to have an affinity with children. Lost children have indeed been found in the company of wolves both in the American wilderness and in India.

One thing is for sure. Wolves don't mean us any harm. Instead of being scared of them, we should do our best to look after them.

Why We Love Spinsane Slot Game

Spinsane slot is both imaginative and a touch basic at the same time, if that is possible? The game has an unusual pay line structure, and a bizarre set of symbols and “clawed” wilds. However, the free spin bonus round is rather generic, as are the cash prizes and wagers. Spinsane won’t appeal to everyone, but players who touch of the odd may appreciate what NetEnt have crafted together here.