Star Wilds Hot Spins

star wilds hot spins

A Simple Mobile Slot With Big Ambitions

Sometimes, the simplest looking mobile slots can be the best. There can be no denying that Star Wilds: Hot Spins is most certainly one of those types of mobile slots. Developed by Inspired Gaming, the mobile slot very closely resembles Starburst, in terms of how it looks and feels. However, the petite casino software provider has worked a few tricks into the game to ensure that Star Wilds: Hot Spins slot stands out from its more successful and popular Net Entertainment counterpart. 

Star Wilds: Hot Spins slot features the same 5-reel, 10-line gaming skeleton we’ve seen in other similar mobile slots, much like Starburst. Again, like that game, stakes cost as little as 10p a spin. Players who fancy more substantial stakes can bet up to £100 a turn on the release. At the same time, players can expect to find a non-progressive jackpot which is worth 250x a bet, as well as a varying RTP (return to player) rate which differs from 95.9% in the base game, up to 99.8% in the bonus round.

Star Wilds Hot Spins Slot Quick Info

Developer Inspired Gaming
RTP 95.9 - 99.8%
Min Bet 10p
Max Bet £100
Paylines 10
Reels 5
Special Features Hot Spins Bonus

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Star Wilds Hot Spins Slot Special Features 

Wild symbols do appear in Star Wilds Hot Spins slot, and they can show up as multicoloured stars. These star symbols can replace any other icons in the game without exception. In a game which has so few pay lines to win on, wild symbols such as these are of critical importance. 

There is a second feature in this game, and this is where the real action is to be had. It is known as the Hot Spins round, and it can be triggered following any win worth 4x a bet or greater. Players will note that all the reels will divide until four when this starts. 

Star Wilds Hot Spins Slot Free Spins & Bonus Features 

Once the Hot Spins round begins, the reels will divide into four parts, and any money you win in the base game will be banked. Players do not have the gamble that money if they don’t want to. They can choose to collect it if they wish. Should they decide to play on, the reels will spin. Any wilds which appear can transfer over to the other reels. However, given that the return to player rises dramatically in the feature, it is worth having a punt on. Once 100 spins have been played, or when you’ve used up your balance (at least 4x your total bet, remember), the round ends. This feature is really what gives Star Wilds Hot Spins slot its appeal. 

star wilds hot spins slot

Fun Facts

Has Star Wilds Hot Spins slot got you gazing in wonder into the night sky? Here are some fascinating facts about stars.

A star is a massive ball of bright physical substance which is called plasma. This hot extraterrestrial object provides heat and light to the space and matters surrounding it. Our Sun is just one of the billions of stars in the universe and a million times bigger than our planet.

Here are a few fun facts about Stars in the Night Sky:

  1. Most stars that we see in the evening sky are not lone stars. They are a combination of two stars that look like one spot of light because of their great distance.
  2. Opposite to common beliefs, Black Holes do not actually sink objects into oblivion. They only bend space and form a gravitational pull towards its centre.
  3. Contrary to people's claims, there is no such star as a "Green Star".
  4. Stars do not actually twinkle as what we normally thought. The twinkling is only caused by the fleeting light through our atmosphere.

Why We Love Star Wilds Hot Spins Slot Game

It is essential that players note that the Hot Spins round is not a free spins bonus. Nor is it a re-spin bonus. You are essentially paying to spin those bonus reels, with whatever you won on the triggering spin. For some, that might put them off. However, the rewards can be great, as mentioned. It is this very feature which really makes Star Wilds: Hot Spins slot stand out from Starburst, and many other similarly designed games - and there are indeed many of them. Star Wilds may just be worth having a crack at for that reason alone. 

Star Wilds Hot Spins