Street Fighter 2

Strike The Perfect Moves With this Top UK Slots Game from Netent

The Street Fighter 2 online slot from NetEnt is a fight for survival on the UK slots arena. Yes, the medium to the high variant game allows you to select a character, and he will fight on behalf of you against warriors from various other countries. The RTP is 96.6%, and the 5x5-grid game has enough chutzpah to keep you on your toes. Get ready to make your moves against the opponent worth the bet. Take home a winning courtesy the Cluster pay dynamism.

street fighter slot logo

Special Symbols

Wild: Besides getting the regular Wild symbol, appearing, and substituting all the symbols, you also can expect a Wild Gauge and Wild Combo features.

Talking of special symbols, there are 8 characters, and each character has his game plan. These come with their modifiers, RTP, and even wild features. Let u talk about them now.

Slot Features

  1. Ryu: With an RTP of 96.02%, the character offers 3 wild symbols on a single row.
  2. Gulle: The character game has 2 wild symbols on vertical stacks and offers an RTP of 96.04%.
  3. Dhalsim: There are 3 to 4 wilds appearing in random to make a winning combination, and RTP is 96.04%.
  4. Honda: Get ready to get 3 wilds in a single reel, and RTP is 96.5%.
  5. Ken: Paying you RTP of 96.6%, the character offers 1 or 5 wilds on the same row.
  6. Blanka: With an RTP of 96.8%, the character offers 1 or 5 wild symbols on the same reel.
  7. Zanglef: Offering an RTP of 96.8%, the character can offer 2 wilds to come in horizontal stacks.
  8. Chun Li: There are 2 or 7 wild symbols appearing in random, and RTP is 96.8%.

Car Smash Bonus Game: When you lose the battle, you can play the Car Smash bonus games where your character smashes the car and help you get 5 to 15 free games. You may opt to quickly finish the act of breaking the car before you opt to be another warrior.


Free Spins: On winning the base game, you get the Beat the Boss Free games. This is similar to the base game, where you are to pit against another player. The only difference is you also get multipliers when you fight against any Boss. There are 4 bosses, and each offers a different multiplier rate. The M Bison offers x10 multiplier, the Sagat offers x5, Vega offers x3, and Balrog gives x2. If you are successful, you end up getting a 100x bonus as well.

Concluding Lines

When you are looking for some fun, make sure to understand the game well. Its graphics are sure to remind you of the earliest days of video games in the UK, aka the days of Road Rash. However, what keeps the game going is the way you can bet from ranges starting at 0.2 coins per spin to a maximum of 700 coins. There are multiplier rewards, and overall, the features have fantastic transitions. In short, once you start betting, the game is sure to keep you on your feet and surprise you with stacked wilds, cascading wilds, and more.