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5 Reasons We Love to Gamble   

5 Reasons We Love to Gamble  

The term ‘gambling’ often conjures up vivid images of glamorous casinos, focused players a modern Blackjack table, Roulette wheels and even vibrant online slot games. However, gambling has existed as a popular pastime for thousands of years, and it is pretty fascinating that this risk-taking activity is more popular than ever.


Gambling: Why Do People Enjoy It So Much?

So why do we love gambling so much? Many ancient texts have referenced gambling, and it is thought that the first basic gambling games began in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Humans evidently fell in love with this hobby which has evolved and adapted over years gone by, including the refinement of games such as Blackjack and Poker, the introduction of the first mechanical fruit machine in 1894 and eventually to the point we’re at today, whereby gambling is so easily accessible online via our smartphones and computers.

Let’s consider 5 of the top reasons that gambling remains such a popular and enthralling activity for punters across the globe.

1.    Gambling is Fun

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever gambled, chances are you found the experience enjoyable. For many punters, gambling is a pleasant hobby that often enables them to socialise and escape from the stresses of modern life. Throughout history, gambling has been associated with players enjoying a drink with friends and relaxing, especially during the evening.

2.    The Big Thrill

Part of that enjoyment stems from the great thrill of placing a bet and taking a risk. Humans love the risk factor! Consider those who enjoy alternative thrill-seeking hobbies, such as whitewater rafting or skydiving – the adrenaline rush can be intense and leave the thrillseeker yearning for more. The psychology behind this can result in the same yearning from gamblers since punters also experience that adrenaline rush. The issue here, however, is that since regular gambling is more accessible than extreme sports, an addiction could develop more easily.

3.    Gambling is a Form of Entertainment

Gambling is highly entertaining. Even if you haven’t placed an active bet or you have lost, it’s easy to become engrossed in how the game plays out! Take free slots online, for instance, which are super popular despite players not betting or winning real money.

4.    You Can Win Money

That being said, winning money is immensely appealing for the majority of gamblers. We all want to walk away with that life-changing jackpot prize. When you win money, the emotions are sweet – perhaps because you have put little effort into gaining this cash as opposed to if you had worked hard to earn it. Even small wins make a player feel good – after all, who doesn’t want some extra cash in their pocket?

5.    Some People are Good at It

Finally, some people are just really good at gambling and this is their main motivation for frequent betting. Perhaps they have spent many years practising and perfecting their technique, learning strategies and have even taken it up as a profession. If you’re good at something, why wouldn’t you pursue it? 

The Bottom Line

There is a multitude of varied reasons for the motivation behind a player’s gambling activity.  Often, these motivations are harmless and the player uses gambling as a means to relax, unwind, have fun and win some cash. This is great – and the reason that gambling is as popular as ever – as long as the player remains happy and in control.

When gambling activity becomes too frequent, too stressful and has a negative impact on a player’s life such as causing relationship and debt issues, it is important to seek help from an organisation such as Be Gamble Aware.