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Blackjack: Get Your Head Around the Basics

Blackjack: Get Your Head Around the Basics

Ever fancied getting into Blackjack, but been put off by the rules and daunting strategies? If so, you’re not alone. Clever Blackjack strategies certainly take time to master, but learning basic Blackjack rules can set you off on the right track to becoming a Blackjack pro. No time? Then check out our top gambling site for plenty of casino slots which require no preparation at all!

Just familiarising yourself with simple Blackjack rules will prepare you sufficiently for your first flutter at the casino table. Stick with us as we talk you through the basics.

The Key Rules in Blackjack

We’re going to assume that you’re totally unfamiliar with the game of Blackjack for the purposes of this article and strip the rules right back for total beginners. The principal aim of Blackjack is to achieve as close to the number 21 as you possibly can. To achieve this number, your cards are drawn and your value is the sum of each card drawn.

You are required to place a bet on each round; stating ‘hit’ to receive cards or ‘stand’ to freeze in your current position. If you are dealt cards and your total creeps above 21, you have lost that round. So, you don’t want to go higher than 21, but here comes the tricky bit: you also must finish on a total that is greater than the dealer’s total. Should the dealer reach over 21, you win regardless of your total – providing you have not reached above 21 yourself.

Your focus in Blackjack is to beat the dealer, regardless of the number of additional players in the game, and it is up to your judgement to decide how you wish to play during every hit, based upon your own cards and whether the dealer had a strong first up card.

Beyond the Rules: Strategy in Blackjack

Now that you have grasped the Blackjack basics, how do you improve your skills? Effective strategy in the game has been studied and enhanced over many years, and today, enthusiastic players can find an abundance of strategy ideas over the internet and even in published books. One important thing to remember, however, is that no strategy can ever guarantee a win. The purpose of a strategy is to reduce the house edge.

Here is our favourite Blackjack tip to use at the casino table: 

Blackjack Soft & Hard Hands

In Blackjack, Aces are flexible and can represent both 1 and 11. Therefore, if you are reaching 21 and are dealt an Ace, you can opt for the Ace to represent 1 instead of 11 to avoid busting.

A hand without an Ace, or with an Ace representing 1, is known as a hard hand. A hand with an Ace representing 11 is a soft hand. This provides with broader options; for instance, if you have a 6 and an Ace, you could stand on a soft 17. This means you will not go bust on the next card, as if the value is high, you can revert your Ace to a 1. If you had a hard 17 (no Aces in your hand, or Ace = 1), you cannot change your value and you would require a card below 5 in order to not go bust.

Final Thoughts on Blackjack Gameplay Strategy

There are many more strategies, tips and tricks to learn in order to improve our gameplay in Blackjack; why not take some time to get to know some more? However, one of the best ways to enhance your skills is to play the game. A combination of studying the rules and game practise is the perfect formula to sharpen your strategy. And if you want a break from study, you can play slot games on the internet which are easy to follow and require virtually no practise!