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Can You Become Addicted to Playing Free Slots Online?

Can You Become Addicted to Playing Free Slots Online?

Online gambling can be a brilliant and rewarding pastime; it is immense fun and has the potential to dish out incredible prizes. There’s a good reason why it’s so very popular, of course. But let’s not ignore the downside to gambling, namely, casino games and slot machines can become extremely addictive for a minority of gamblers. When harmless fun develops into something stressful or a compulsion and begins to affect other aspects of a player’s life negatively, said pastime is no longer an enjoyable hobby used to relax and unwind.


Slot Game & Gambling Addiction

Many people love to take risks. They love the thrill; the dopamine release, and of course, risk-taking can be beneficial in many contexts. For the most part, frequent gamblers enjoy the risk-taking element of their pastime – a casual bet here and there, half an hour playing online slots games, for instance. But if a player begins to often bet more than they can afford to lose and/or feels anxiety in relation to gambling, these are warning signs of a compulsion that could spiral out of control.

When we consider gambling and slots addiction, we often associate it with money. After all, gambling is largely centred around cash; the ultimate desire of the player is to win the jackpot. An addiction can cause a player to place large bets greater than their budget, and if losses occur, they could plunge into debt. They may try to keep up those high bets in an attempt to win big to pay off those debts, but it doesn’t always work out.

However, not all online slots accept or pay out real money. There are many online slots that can be played for free, but is it possible for gamblers to become addicted to this type of slot game?

How do Free Online Slots Work?

Firstly, let’s look at how it is possible to play online slots and what free play entails. Many slot games online, including premium games from leading software providers, have a free version available. This version, usually known as ‘free play’ or ‘demo mode’ provides the very same gameplay as the real money variant. The only difference is, the free slot game does not accept real money wagers, nor does it pay out real money prizes. The player is essentially playing a simulation of the real cash slot game, with a make-believe bankroll.

Can a Player Still Become Addicted to Free Slots?

There may be no actual cash involved, but free slots are incredibly popular across the internet. Despite the lack of real money wins, addiction may still occur in relation to free slots. Some players feel a compulsion to spin the thrilling reels of a slot game, free or not. Just like players can become addicted to video games or mobile games, free slot addiction is entirely possible. Think about it, these games are available to us at the touch of a button via our smartphones, and can seem like the perfect antidote to a stressful day. Switch off, unwind and escape with an easily accessible free hobby? It makes sense that free slots are so in demand.

Where to Get Help

Thankfully, in most cases, playing free slots online remains a harmless and enjoyable activity. However, if you do find yourself playing these slot games too often, if they bring on bouts of anxiety and stress or simply interfere negatively with other aspects of your life, try to take regular breaks. If this feels too difficult, or your activity feels out of control, there is plenty of help available online such as begambleaware.org.