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Card Counting Strategy in Blackjack

Card Counting Strategy in Blackjack

If you’re vaguely familiar with casino culture, you’ll likely have heard of card counting strategy.  Tales of mysterious casino players whom “count cards” while playing Blackjack and have consistent success can be found across the internet, and you’d be forgiven for assuming that these players are genius mathematicians with an abundance of time on their hands to sharpen up their skills. The reality is, however, any live Blackjack player can card count, and the concept is actually quite simple. Stick with us to learn more about card counting strategy and whether it is possible to card count in online Blackjack casino games.


What is Card Counting?

Firstly, you can shake off the notion that card counting in Blackjack is complicated! The strategy is really quite straightforward, in which the player maintains a running tally (of certain details) of the cards that have already been used as the dealer works their way through the cards within the deck. This card counting log provides the player with increasingly useful information and as a result, enables the player to fairly accurately predict which cards are likely to be next.

Why Do Some Blackjack Players Count Cards?

The aim of Blackjack is for the player to beat the dealer by getting points as close to 21 as possible. Each card is worth a set points value. If the player adopts a card counting strategy, the idea is that they can rely on this to determine how they make their next move. By “counting” which cards have been dealt, the player can make a fairly informed prediction of what is going to happen next, and plan their move accordingly. The ultimate aim of card counting is to win the game of Blackjack! 

Blackjack Card Counting – How to Do It 

There are varying methods of card counting, and we won’t go into great detail but there are plenty of articles on the internet providing instructions on each technique. To simplify the process, Blackjack players are free to practice their gambling strategy however they like during a live game. The player doesn’t actually have to memorise anything, however in some strategies they might need to make a few additions in order to successfully count cards. Take the very common Hi-Lo system; the concept behind this is that each number in the deck has a score assigned to it. The player adds the scores together as each new round is dealt, and this provides them with an indication of whether they should place a heavy bet (a high count) or a light bet (a low count). As the game goes on, this strategy becomes more accurate, as more cards have been dealt and the player has more to work with.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Card Counting

There are plenty of pros to casino game card counting; improved chances of winning being the most obvious one. Furthermore, many card counting methods are simple enough to learn and put into practice, such as the Hi-Lo method mentioned earlier. With plenty of practice, a player can surely reap the rewards of this type of card counting strategy.

Despite this, there are certain disadvantages to the strategies too. Successful card counting takes effort, which takes time, dedication and practice. It is imperative that the player stay focused throughout the duration of the game. Therefore, the strategy is probably more suitable for long-term Blackjack players, rather than those who like to dip into the game for a little fun. Furthermore, the count resets when the deck is shuffled, putting the player back at square one. It is also not possible to card count in regular online Blackjack games, so is more suited to players who attend brick and mortar casinos.

Final Thoughts

Card counting in Blackjack can be simple, straightforward and effective. If you are a keen Blackjack player and ready to put in the practice (give Blackjack a try here at Goldrush), why not try card counting for yourself?