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How Long Should You Stay on One Slot Machine?

How Long Should You Stay on One Slot Machine?

Slot machines are programmed to win a certain amount of time. Since it's impossible to know when the next win or jackpot will be, it's also not always easy to know whether you should stay at the machine or go on to another one.

Most casino slots experts recommend that you follow the 20-rule. This means that you either stick to a time limit of 20 minutes on a machine or that you only play until you've won or lost £20. If you start with this amount of money, you can play until you've earned a fair amount or until you lose your balance. By following this general guidelines, you won't be tempted to continue playing online slots that's not giving any payout. If you do manage to hit the jackpot though, it's best to stop playing since jackpots are infrequent events.

When to Walk Away from a Slot Machine

There are a few basic reasons why you would want to leave a slot machine. When the game itself tells you to walk, you should follow this guideline. For example, you may be playing a negative-expectation game. This is one where the casino has the edge and you're guaranteed to lose mathematically over time. Serious professionals whose main interest is profit will tell you to walk away from that type of game before you put in any money. However, most gamers are enjoying the slots for the entertainment. It's best to give yourself a time or money limit and then walk away.

Another reason to walk away is when a promotion ends. Some slot machines or casinos may have promotions which turn a bad or so-so game into a good one. These are great to play when the promotion is worth your while. However, when it ends, you should leave that game and go on to another one.

Finally, common sense will tell you when you should leave the machine. If you feel as though you're becoming emotionally invested in a game or feel like you can't walk away, this is the time when it's best to do that. A fresh start or even just taking a short break will let you get back into the game with a clearer head.

Tricks to Winning on Slot Machines

If you're in the game to win, then slot machines can pay out well. One key tip to remember is that higher denomination slots also have higher payback percentages. That doesn't mean you should necessarily play the highest tiered games but you're going to also have a higher payout when you hit a win. This can also mean you lose more money so make sure that you keep an eye on your wins and losses.

Another tip is to play slot machines that are at the end of a row. The theory behind this is that the machines located at the end of a row are going to be visible to people walking by. Casinos want those customers to see slot players winning so your chances of winning with these games is typically higher.

Finally, if you're playing progressive slots, make sure that you bet enough to be eligible for all of the jackpots. You have to bet the maximum coins in order to be eligible in some slots. The jackpots make the wins worthwhile and can have a big payout but only if you qualify. Make sure that you're meeting the requirement in order to increase your chances.


Although slot machines are mostly used for entertainment, they can also be a good way to earn a little extra money. There is a huge amount of variety when it comes to slot machines today and you can find whatever game you want to play.

Since most slot machines are designed to make money over time, these tips can help you to actually get in some wins and avoid losing money. Make sure that you follow this advice for the best results. At the end of the day, playing slots is fun and you can enjoy gaming with these machines. Keeping on track and knowing the facts will help you maximize your wins and still have a great time.