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Online Slot Machine Myths Debunked   

Online Slot Machine Myths Debunked  

When it comes to online slots, how well do you know your stuff? The online gambling industry is so vast and often overwhelming, especially for new players. Not only is there an ocean of slots and casino games to wade through, there are still plenty of myths circulating regarding how online slot games work. Are they fixed? Is it virtually impossible to generate a win? If a slot machine has recently paid out, is it unlikely to pay out again for quite a while? Each of these are valid, common questions pondered by newbies considering placing their first online slot wager, as well as some experienced players too.

We’re going to help debunk some of the common myths surrounding online slots, but first, it helps to understand how online slots operate. Discover our slot games here.


How do Online Slots Work?

An online slot game is programmed by a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG, a complex algorithm, is created to ensure that every single spin is entirely independent of the previous spin, and that the outcome is completely fair and random. The RNG then creates random sequences of symbols every millisecond which has no correlation to any other spin. As a result, every spin has the exact same chance of landing a win as any other spin.

Myth: Online Slots are Fixed

False. The RNG slot game algorithm ensures fairness and transparency, and the spin outcome is entirely random and uninfluenced by former spins.

Myth: There is Very Little Chance of Winning on a Slot Game

False. If you’ve ever looked into slots, you may have heard of the return to player (RTP) rate. This figure provides the statistics for a player’s return from their bets over a significant period of time. The RTP rate varies between games, but players should typically expect an RTP of approximately 95% - 97% (sometimes higher, sometimes lower). The higher the RTP, the higher the chance of the slot game paying out.

Myth: Don’t Expect a Win for a While if the Slot Game Has Just Paid Out

False. We now understand that the slot is programmed using the RNG which ensure a reel spin outcome entirely independent of any other spin. As a result of this, even if you have won the jackpot on your last spin, your next spin has just as much chance of winning again as any other spin. Each reel spin is 100% randomised.

Myth: You Cannot Improve Your Chances of Winning

False (to an extent). We’re clear that slots are not fixed and that every outcome is completely randomised, so you’re probably wondering how on earth a player could improve their technique and encourage a win. While there are never guarantees, of course, it is still helpful to begin playing online slots wisely. By this, we mean, read the rules of gameplay before starting. Understanding how the slot game works can put you in the best possible position, as you will be clear as to which symbols are high value, trigger bonus features, etc. You may be able to use this knowledge to give you a better chance of landing a winning combination, for example, if you were able to respin a particular reel while all other reels were fixed, in an attempt to land the best win possible.

The Bottom Line

Online slots may be super popular but some gamblers are put off by assumptions similar to those outlined above. Always read the game instructions rather than blindly playing a random slot game with no knowledge of how the game or bonus feature works. Remember that each spin is completely randomised and there is never a win guarantee. You can practise playing free slots online,  choose the game with the highest RTP and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an online slots master!