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O'Reilly's UK Casino and Gambling Interests

O'Reilly's UK Casino and Gambling Interests

By Bill O’Reilly

Our chief editor Bill O'Reilly takes a look at the political climate in the United States and how it could affect the UK online gambling industry. Casino slots have been long outlawed online in most American states but the saying goes, when America sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold, hopefully, this won't be the case for online slots in the UK. When staunch Republican and casino owner, Donald J. Trump was voted into office in November 2016, no one could have been more surprised than the new president himself.

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Many believed that Trump had run for president simply for publicity and to stroke his own ego.

While his first few months as President of the United States were somewhat shaky, with Mr Trump struggling to find his feet and feeling a little out of his depth, he soon got the hang of it and proceeded to lead with over-confidence, ineptitude and arrogance.

In the run-up to the 2020 US presidential elections, it was clear that Donald Trump fully believed that he would have a landslide victory. His election rallies and speeches were fraught with provocative and dangerous narrative, wild promises and cheap digs at the Democrat candidate.


Sadly, for Trump, he lost the election. Was this reflective of America’s view of his bullying style of leadership, his hypocrisy and the horrific way in which he has handled the US’s Covid-19 crisis, with over a quarter of a million Americans dead? Or were Americans simply tired of his false promises and how the rest of the world was laughing at them with their obviously fake tanned leader with weird hair?

Either way, the people have spoken and this has been a major blow to Trump’s self-belief, but a major victory for the USA and for the world as a whole.

Normally, when a new president is voted in, the previous president will concede the victory. This is the gentlemanly thing to do and a sign that you are not a sore loser and have faith in the democratic system which you have presided over for the past few years.

As suspected, Donald Trump has still not conceded victory and has made many false and baseless claims that the election was fraudulent and corrupt. He has proceeded to file a number of expensive lawsuits, many of which have already been summarily dismissed due to a massive lack of evidence.

That may be so, but Donald Trump continues to tweet and stir up division around the election results.

Many people now wonder if he would have made the same false claims had he won the election. The answer is obvious: he would have praised the ballot count process and would have stated that the US democratic process was alive and well.

So, why does Trump continue to spew his conspiracy theories about election fraud? Is it because he wants to leave office with a bang and he knows that there will always be a certain group of people who will believe his false rhetoric and support him? Or does he want to do as much damage as possible before January 20 and take the limelight off Joe Biden?

Looking at Trump’s history, it is probably a combination of both and, if anything, the past 4 years have shown the USA and the world that anyone can be US president- even if you are a mentally ill bully with a questionable IQ.

Watching Trump on TV and following him on Twitter has become entertainment for many people and they enjoy laughing at the inane and ridiculous statements he makes almost on a daily basis.

No one will ever forget his claim that injecting bleach into the body may provide a cure for the Coronavirus or that he will make Mexico pay for the wall that they don’t even want.

Yes, Trump has become the laughing stock of the world but does he realize this? It will be interesting to see what the next few months will bring and how Mr Trump will deal with the fact that he is a loser.

What Effect Will the New US President have on the Online Gambling Industry?

It’s no secret that Donald Trump once ran casino establishments in Atlantic City. However - despite his reputation as something of a casino tycoon - during his presidency, Trump did not exactly have the most positive influence on online casinos, slots and the gambling industry on the whole. How so? Well, in 2019 during Trump’s administration, the status quo of the law on interstate gambling was disrupted by the US Department of Justice. The Wire Act, as this law is referred to, historically outlaws only interstate sports betting; but the new position from the DOJ was to extend this law to all online gambling, including online slots, deposit by phone bill casino sites and even lotteries.

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Furthermore, Trump has a close relationship with Sheldon Adelson, the chairman of Las Vegas Sands whom is also one of Trump’s biggest donors. Adelson is a strong opponent of legal online gambling in America and has famously attempted to change the laws on US online gambling over many years.

While there is no concrete evidence that Trump has and would continue to have a negative effect on the online casino industry, the above facts certainly beg the question: is Joe Biden likely to be the better presidential option for online gambling enthusiasts? Generally, Biden is quiet on the topic of casinos and gambling. However, we do know that his stance is that, at least, he would not disrupt the current state laws and efforts to expand the industry.

In 2019, Biden made the following statement on the subject of Trump’s interference in The Wire Act: “I would reverse the White House opinion that was then reversed and overruled by the court. The court is correct. That should be the prevailing position.” So, whilst it is unrealistic to expect that either candidate would legalise online gambling nationally, at least Biden’s goal for the online casino and online slots industry is to restore the status quo, leaving local issues in the hands of the states.

To conclude, the 2020 President-Elect Joe Biden is certainly poised to be the greater option for the future of online casinos and slots in the USA.

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