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The Peabody Award Spin

The Peabody Award Spin

By Bill O'Reilly

Rufus Peabody is a professional sport and betting analyst from Las Vegas and our man Bill O'Reilly takes a look at his career & awards. He is a graduate of Yale University holding a degree in economics. He undertook the course intending to use data analysis and other skills on sports betting. Peabody is also a co-founder in the Massey Peabody Analytics, which avails quantitative surveys of college football and NFL predictions.

Most media companies and teams acknowledge his system of analyzing bets as sports enthusiasts increasingly recognize the importance of gambling data analysis. Peabody worked his way up in the sports betting market, and he now makes a living from his bets. Although sports betting is no more predictable than playing slot games here at GoldRush or any other gambling sites, Peabody uses big data to predict gambling outcomes.

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The Beginning of Peabody's Gambling Career

Peabody realized that the number of sides of sports excited him from an early age. When in first grade, he enjoyed looking at the baseball box scores in newspapers. Upon joining college, Peabody wanted to study history or political science but dreamed of becoming a sports journalist. He later realized that the analytics part of sports journalism appealed to him more. Rufus Peabody wanted to understand how things happen to create knowledgeable stories covering the basketball game.

During his junior years in college, he read an article about Las Vegas Sports Consultant, and he desired to work there. He tried to get in touch with the company's CEO, and it took him around three months to get an internship. Peabody spent most of his time analyzing NBA game betting patterns. In the same summer holiday, he had tried reaching out to the economics department at Yale for a research opportunity.
He didn't get the chance, but his professor at Yale University later asked him whether he was interested in academic literature research about sports betting. It took him major preparations and intense research to do the project, which gave him immense knowledge on how the betting markets work.

He went back to Yale for his senior year of college, where he wrote a thesis on the baseball betting market's inefficiency. This project gave him a chance and the confidence to create a model that beats the market. His main aim was to reveal inefficiencies in the market that could lead to odds miscasts.
Later, LVSC hired him full time after graduation. While on the job, Peabody started working hard to develop predictive models and gained a different perspective from other forecasters. He then discovered that he could do more than just setting odds. Later, his senior project advisor at Yale, Mr. Cade Massey, requested him to join in the development of NFL power ratings for Street Wall Journal in 2010. It marked the hallmark of his career.

Peabody's Experience & Gambling Industry Awards

Peabody quit his job at the LVSC after working there for almost a year. In the early stages of his career, he began partnering with other bettors. He got a 20% freeroll offer in the 2009 baseball season and earned an equivalent of his annual salary in the first month. He then joined the bettors and became a full-time partner. At this point, Peabody had developed predicting models that heavily relied on the market number. He learned that betting depends on data points that help eliminate bias and opinions. He mainly uses creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and a logical approach to develop models that predict a game differently.

While working at LVSC, Peabody was betting on his own, but his main job was to develop the models when he joined the partnership. In the first summer, he spent more time creating an in-game wagering model for baseball, which took him quite some time. He also dedicated time to the NFL props. Later on, Rufus Peabody developed the Massey Peabody ranking. They have come up with NFL models, but they still do baseball, college and pro football, and golf betting.

Peabody Awards

The Wall Street Journal has published Rufus Peabody's NFL and college football ratings multiple times. Other national publications like Washington posts, Sports News, USA Today, and Sports Illustrated have also featured him. Peabody worked as a statistical analyst at LVSC, the world's largest and most influential odds-making company. He was also ESPN's predictive analytical expert earlier on. With his partner Massey, their objective measures and performance sports analysis model have recorded a 56% win rate.