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Play Pub Slots Online & Win Real Money

Play Pub Slots Online & Win Real Money

The most popular games at UK gambling sites come in many different varieties from casino slot games to traditional pub slot machines that have been re-designed for the online digital market. The main question that comes to a newbie’s mind is how to play and win playing pub slots online.

The pub slot machine industry has grown drastically in the past few years, providing convenience and comfort to the players. Now you can play pub slots online easily conveniently on a desktop browser or mobile devices. An estimated market research report states, online gambling market will grow by a CAGR of 11.94% during the forecast period 2020 to 2025. The convenience of the cashless payment mode and the inclusion of advanced technology have boosted this market.

If you are trying to figure out the chances of winning on whilst playing UK pub slots online, below are a few strategic tips to improve your chances. Here, we will share a few proven ways instead of generic tips to having the best chance to win while gambling safely.


Play Free Pub Slots Online

Before playing with real money, you can play with the welcome bonus or the demo game to watch out how the particular online pub slot game rolls out bonuses. The practice play will help you know about the tricks you can use to get maximum wins. It will help you to know whether the volatility and payout frequency mentioned pays in a particular pattern or not. After you have tested free pub slots online, you can the rest assured knowing have grasped the workings of the bonuses and jackpot features.

Bonus Pub Slots & Win Limits

A few online gambling sites have different terms and conditions for the bonus win limits. You need to understand their wagering limit and requirements before choosing to bet. As a few casinos limit the withdrawal of the bonus wins, you need to check what happens to the balance amount. If your bonus winnings come to be £700, you can get £500 as cash. So, you need to check whether that balance bonus amount will be wiped off entirely by the online casinos or it gets added to your bonus funds. It will help you in betting at the right casino and win a good amount without any losses.

Progressive Jackpot Pub Fruits

When you opt to play progressive jackpot pub slots such as Cops & Robbers, the wager you bet gets added to the jackpots. Like, 3 reel pub fruit machines possess the single progressive jackpot, so you need to bet the maximum coins to become eligible. Land the top jackpot combination to get the fixed jackpot amount. Even if you opt for a 4-tier progressive jackpot pub fruit such as TED pub Fruit that includes grand prizes, mini, minor, and major jackpots, you also need to bet higher denominations. However, do not opt for the lower-paying game but the wins that pay a maximum jackpot amount. If you cannot bet higher denominations, you must opt for non-progressive jackpot slots.

Don't Gamble Over Your Budget

To be frank, most slot machines may not give you the exact wins that you thought of, or you may end up losing the bet too. Most times, you may hit the jackpot, so enjoy that moment. It is advisable not to bet the money you cannot afford to lose.

A rule of thumb states that your bankroll set aside for gambling must cover 250 bets to give you a 90% chance of playing for approximately 3 hours. It will be great if you start with the minimum bet stated by the casino. You cannot start playing with £200 and afford to lose £100 with no earnings. With a budget in mind, you will keep an eye on the winning odds that will make you try different slot games.

*Note: Don’t forget to read our responsible gambling guide before you play for real money!

Pub Slots RTP & Variance

UK pub slots can be progressive or offer a big jackpot feature or even high RTP, but it can’t guarantee a win, the chance of winning is completely random with every single spin you make on an online pub slot machine. But when playing for real money it makes good sense to pick the slots with the highest RTP (Return to Player) to make sure that you have the highest chance of winning.

Variance, Payout Frequency & Volatility

Variance, payout frequency and Volatility refer to how fast and the frequent the pub slots pay out Knowing the variance will help you to make the decision about the game you want to pick and the amount you would like to gamble.

It is usually seen that low variance online pub slots offer frequent wins with small payouts and the high volatility games offer huge jackpots, but the wins are lesser. You should pick the variance that can pay back a decent amount so you can play longer and your bankroll does not get swallowed up quickly, the longer you play the more chance of winning right? medium variance pub slots are a great choice for more conservative gamblers.


The traditional pub fruit slot machines are dramatically evolving into interactive 3D online slot games being play at home by many thousands of players. The pub slot games add great potential to the gambling industry, contributing to it to make it a Billion-dollar industry. Today You can play any UK pub slot by picking up your phone and joining a legitimate online casino. We hope our tips & tricks will help you plan out your strategy and help you win a significant payout.