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The 3 Best-Rated Casino Jackpot Games

The 3 Best-Rated Casino Jackpot Games

When we play games at a casino – be it online or land-based – ultimately, claiming the jackpot is our aim. We might enjoy playing the game: deciding on a stake, the risk, thrilling bonus features – but for most gamblers, the key incentive is the potential reward. Subsequently, many punters seek out casino and slots games that have the largest jackpots up for grabs. But surely all slot games hosted by casino carry a jackpot? - you might be wondering. Most casino games have a grand prize, sure, but there are different types of jackpots available depending on the slot game that you play; some are fixed, some are varying.  

What is a Casino Jackpot Game? 

When we refer to a casino jackpot game, we are usually referring to a progressive jackpot slot machine. In this type of slot game, the jackpot progresses throughout the game, increasing in value the more that players wager. The games are often linked up via a network and the jackpot simply increases, without a limit, as players across the network play the slot game. The jackpot continues to rise until the first lucky player in the network lands the correct combination and claims the prize.

It’s easy to understand why jackpot games are immensely popular in gambling. The huge quantity of money that can be won from the spin on one reel is jaw-dropping, with some jackpots reaching millions of pounds. Jackpot slots can literally turn you into a multi-millionaire within seconds.

The factors that influence the value of the jackpot include how many players are actively participating in the game, the length of time you play the game for and the stake value you are choosing for each spin. Of course, the higher the value for each of these factors, the higher the jackpot is going to stand.

Jackpot slots differ from regular online slots because they tend to have a fixed sum up for grabs as a maximum prize. External factors do not influence the grand prize in a regular slot game, and the maximum win is often much lower than those that can be reached by progressive jackpot slots. So, if it’s life-changing money you’re after, jackpot games is where it’s at – but, naturally, it is harder to win on a progressive jackpot slot than it is on a regular slot.

So, where can you play jackpot slots? Most premium online casinos such as Goldrushslots.co.uk offer progressive jackpot slots and casino games. There are many kinds, with varying themes, bonus features and more. Here are 3 of the top-rated casino jackpot games:

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one of the most popular and famous progressive jackpot slot machines to exist, thanks to its incredible scale of jackpots and the quantity of them (there are 4 different progressive jackpots running simultaneously). The largest-ever jackpot won on an online slot was won on Mega Moolah, and the Mega jackpot always starts at £1 million so there is always a sensational prize up for grabs. Mega Moolah also offers free spins to add to the excitement of one of the most thrilling jackpot games in the industry.

Treasure Nile

Treasure Nile adopts a popular theme within the slot machine world: Ancient Egypt, and if you line up the right symbols including the pyramids and the Sphinx, you can win huge cash prizes. This cartoon-style jackpot slot features scarab beetle scatters to help you multiply your winnings.

Major Millions 5 Reel

Major Millions 5 Reel is a military-style slot game where wilds are your best friend in helping you to score the grand prize. There are fewer bonus features in this game; instead, try to align 5 Major Millions symbols on the 15th payline, and the progressive jackpot can reach over £1 million which is not to be sniffed at!