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The Best Blackjack Strategies to Improve Your Gameplay

The Best Blackjack Strategies to Improve Your Gameplay

When you think of the world’s most popular casino table games, Blackjack probably springs to mind. Never falling out of fashion, this age-old table game continues to entertain and appeal to a diverse audience due to its easy but engaging format. Taking a seat at the casino table or online gambling site, the player pits themselves against the dealer and any other players, with the winner dependent upon the values each player and the dealer ends up with as a result of their cards.

It’s a game of chance, that’s for sure, but that hasn’t stopped enthusiastic Blackjack players attempting to devise tips and strategies to maximise their chances and minimise their losses. There is no magic formula, and these strategies can never guarantee a win, but they can minimise the house edge, so many players value their benefit. Want to learn more and go beyond the Blackjack basics? Read on. Prefer to play something with fewer rules? Try the best casino slots in the UK!

Top Tips for Playing Blackjack Successfully

  1. Set a budget.

Since this is a game of chance, it is possible that you will lose, regardless of your strategy and experience. The first and most important step for a successful game that is enjoyable is a firm budget outlines how much you can afford to bet and ultimately lose, and one that you will stick to.

  1. Wager gradually.

Play your game carefully, thoughtfully and slowly. Give yourself time to develop a good strategy that works for you. By dividing your hard-earned cash into smaller stakes, you are leaving yourself with more funds to continue playing with, even in the event that you lose. If you win, bonus!

  1. Double down on 10 card values.

If the dealer has an upcard less than 10 and you have a 10 card value in hand, you stand in a better position. Many experienced Blackjack players take their chances in this situation and double down.

  1. Hit a hard 12 if the dealer has a card value of 5 or less.

If the dealer has low card values, it’s a risky position to be in especially if you stand. At this point, you may as well hit and await the outcome. You could be lucky!

  1. Stand with a hard 16 multi-card.

Stand against the dealer if you have a hard 16 multi-card but the dealer has an upcard of 10. If you do not bust after reaching a higher sum than the dealer, you will win.

  1. Play games of 3:2 odds.

Always look for these Blackjack games, for the house possesses a lower edge for winning. Avoid Blackjack with odds of 6:5 which can give the house a high edge.

  1. Don’t waste time on insurance bets.

These can be a waste of time and rarely lucrative, especially if the dealer has an upcard of Ace. As tempting as insurance bets can be, they are usually not worth it.

Final Thoughts

Improving your strategy in Blackjack takes time, patience, commitment and practice. If you’re not confident, practise playing online Blackjack games at online casinos such as Goldrush online and work your way up to Live Dealer Blackjack, before heading out to your local casino. Be sure to try out premium online Blackjack games from industry-leading developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Yggdrasil and Evolution Gaming, all of which offer innovative and unique games. Stick to these basic tips and strategies to set you off on the right track to becoming a Blackjack pro and winning significantly at Gold Rush Slots!