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The Best Free Slot Games to Play in 2021

The Best Free Slot Games to Play in 2021

Online slots are the go-to casino game for an incredible number of online gamblers on Gold Rush Slots. A digital phenomenon, online slots are the modern version of the traditional fruit machine; highly popular decades ago, and still adorning nooks and crannies of pubs and bars to this day. However, the digital era has paved the way for online casino slot games to truly flourish, and players can now enjoy an all-round more exciting experience, with every theme, graphic, soundtrack, animation and bonus feature you can think of – as well as huge cash prizes. Furthermore, thanks to the development of mobile slots and online mobile casinos, this experience can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time of day.

What are Free Online Slots Games?

The gambling aspect of casino and slots games is often the major attraction for punters at online casinos; after all, the risk and the reward process is exciting and adrenaline-inducing. So it may seem strange to learn that some slot machines can be played entirely for free. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of free online slots available to play online. Basically, free slots are the same as their real money counterparts, only the gameplay involved is based upon a betting simulation. In other words, you don’t risk your own real money on free slot games, nor do you win – for real - any cash prizes that occur during your game.  

Why Play Free Slots?

You might be wondering, ‘why would I play online slots if the opportunity to win real cash isn’t available?’ and it’s a perfectly valid question to ponder. There are, in fact, a few reasons why punters love to simulate a flutter on free online slots. Here are the most common:

1. Casino Games Practice & Research

One of the most common motives behind playing free slots with no deposit is the opportunity to practise playing a slot game, which you would later wish to gamble real money on. You can use this free play to understand the rules of the game, how to trigger the bonus feature, how to bonus game works, etc. You can also use the opportunity to find out if you like the style of the game before you wager real cash on it, and if you’re playing several free games, you can get an idea of the type of slot games that you enjoy. This is a huge advantage of free slots. 

2. Responsible Gambling

Playing free slots is one way to practice responsible gambling. These online slots can provide the enjoyment of regular online slots, but without the stress that can come with the loss of money. After all, one of the major aims of playing slots is escapism from everyday stress, but losing money can result in more stress than before, and the process can easily become a vicious cycle.

3. Free Slots are Enjoyable

Lastly, many people simply enjoy spinning the reels of slots! Since not many of us have an unlimited supply of cash lying around, free slots are the perfect opportunity to continue your favourite pastime without dipping into your bank balance.

Which are the Best Free Online Slots?

There are thousands of free slots out there, and the best ones, of course, are down to personal choice. However, to get you started, here is a small selection of some of our favourites:

Happy Birds Slots

A cheerful slot game that could be viewed as a parody of Angry Birds, this is filled with beautiful tropical birds and a thrilling 243 ways to win. Enjoy a click and reveal bonus game and the chance to win 138,750 coins.

Murder Mystery Online Slot 

Adopting a dark and mysterious theme, this is a historical game with a unique narrative. The slot game is simple to play but it’s mystery and intrigue keeps the player engaged.

40 Super Hot Slot

This game is based on the more traditional fruit machine, and its retro theme is a hit with players. If you enjoy nostalgia, this one is for you, featuring classic fruit symbols and a simple layout. However, there are 40 pay lines present and an added bonus feature, to inject a few modern aspects into the game and add to the thrills.