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The Coolest Rock and Roll Slots Online

The Coolest Rock and Roll Slots Online

One thing we have always loathed here at Goldrushslots.co.uk is the cheezy music on some slot machines.  Many of them have music that is pretty much pulled from a generic royalty-free library. Listen to those for hours on end and you are sure to go stir crazy, wouldn't it be better to hear the iconic sound of those drums from Genesis (in the air tonight) when the reels land, well now there is no need to buy tickets to a Genesis concert to get your musical delights. Thankfully, some slot machine developers hit upon the idea of licensing music from top bands. This means that not only can you win cash, but you can listen to some banging tunes at the same time.

These are the best rock and roll slot games at goldrush:

Guns N Roses Slot

guns and roses slot logo

The Guns N Roses slot oozes that classic 80s rock feel. Many of the best songs from the Guns back catalogue can be found here, most of them coming from one of the greatest albums of all time, Appetite for Destruction.

Now, this is a Guns N Roses slot machine. You knew that the quality of the music would be superb. NetEnt could have just slapped that music on a generic slot and people would have loved it. The developers at NetEnt didn't want that, though. Oh no. Not only does this slot boast epic music, but it also has a ton of features built around the Guns N Roses brand.

It is impossible to go through all of the features with you. There are so many of them. You have awesome wilds, free spins, instant cash win games, random bonus features, and a 'pick me' game. All of them themed around Guns N Roses.

Three of the main band members appear as slot symbols here. If you score them on the reels, you can enjoy them turning into wilds. The same with the Appetite for Destruction logo.

The band members take on a whole life of their own when they appear in the free spins mode as expanded wilds, leading to even bigger wins.

Like most licensed games, the RTP on this slot is a little bit lower to cover that licensing fee. However, the medium volatility isn't too shabby and it will keep you wanting to spin the reels again and again. 20p minimum bet too, which makes it perfect for all bankrolls.

play guns & roses slot

Jimi Hendrix Slot

Jimi Hendrix slot logo

Is listening to one of the greatest guitar players of all time more your jam? The Jimi Hendrix slot is probably going to be one of the best rock and roll slots for you. The Jimi Hendrix slot doesn't look as good as the Guns offering, but it brings some mighty fine music to our gambling escapades. This one has also been developed by NetEnt.

On each spin, a certain wild can appear that will turn all of the lowest-paying symbols into wilds. You can net some huge wins that way. You can also get some pretty regular respins on the slot where various symbols remain sticky symbols. Again, some big wins coming your way like that.

There are a whopping three different free spins modes here. Each of them deals with wilds in a slightly different way. While they do not come up all that often (thanks to the Jimi Hendrix slot being a medium volatility game) when they do come up, you pretty much always get to experience something different from before.

Since this is an older slot, it isn't as heavily themed as some other rock and roll slots. But that is cool. If you love Jimi Hendrix and that whole 60s vibe, you will probably feel at home.

play jimi hendrix slot

Motorhead Slot

Let's wrap up with the Motorhead slot. Yet another NetEnt offering here. We suppose the Swedish company is the only one that can afford the sky-high music licensing costs.

The Motorhead slot isn't your typical generic slot, though. The unique layout of the reels (some have more symbols than others) adds a new dynamic to the game. It may even be enough of a unique dynamic to attract non-Motorhead fans.

The Motorhead slot has a pretty cool feature. There is a 'random' feature that occurs on every spin. Hit that button, and any one of the reels will become a mystery reel. Actually, all five of the reels can be mystery reels if you are lucky enough. When that spinning stops, every symbol on that reel will become exactly the same symbol. it can create some cool wins. Now, imagine if all of the reels become mystery reels. You now have a win on 76 different pay lines. You will be rolling in the dosh, just like the band was in their heyday.

Now, we would be happy with just that random symbol feature. However, NetEnt hasn't stopped here. You also have a free spins mode that gives up to 10 free spins, and exploding symbols that can send a myriad of symbols all over the reels.

With medium volatility and 20p minimum bet, you should be able to get some decent wins on the Motorhead slot. Even if you don't, it is a tremendous amount of fun. It really shows how far NetEnt came from the development of Jimi Hendrix and Guns N Roses.


If you want to play some of the best rock and roll slots, any of the ones we talked about here will be a surefire bet. Since they are all NetEnt slots, they shouldn't be too tricky to track down either. Most online casinos in the UK have NetEnt software somewhere in the mix. All can be played on desktop computers and mobile devices, so brilliant if you are a mobile gambler too.