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What are Wagering Requirements?

What are Wagering Requirements?

If you are thinking of playing casino games using some of the casino welcome bonuses, bear in mind the wagering requirement, that is, how many times you need to play, to bet the given bonus before it even becomes the real money that you can withdraw to your account.

How To Beat Wagering Requirements

In order to beat those casino wagering requirements, you will have to use the given bonus money to place your bets until you reach the casino policy amount. Every single bet you make will be counted. Once your total bets reach the casino target, you have beaten the wagering requirements, that is, completed them. At this moment, your bonus money will be turned into real, withdrawing money.

However, there are a couple of things you need to keep your eye on. Casino sites often have a maximum bet while you are trying to complete their wager requirements. This mechanism is in charge of preventing you from making massive bets to quickly reach your target. Therefore, you are going to need to play slow, by making small bets a time - the limit is usually about £5.

Also, pay attention to the following small details. Every game has a particular contribution when it comes to the beating wagering requirements. For example, Slot X contributes one hundred per cent whereas a Slot Y contributes only seventy-five per cent and some casino table games don't count at all. What does this mean? If you £5 on Slot X, the same amount being contributed to your wagering, in another case, you get seventy-five per cent.

Is There Any Casinos Without Wagering Requirements

Choosing casino bonuses can be tricky, but If you are experienced casino and slot player, then you probably know that casino operators complement their welcome bonuses with wagering requirements. The result of this particular measure is that people being bothered by wasting time on completing wagering requirements. This has led to a completely new casino generation, which features a lighter set of conditions and terms for casino players. And guess what? They completely absence of wagering requirements related to bonuses or any other promotions.

If you are wondering how does no wagering casinos work, you might be tempted to think there must be some catch, but the entire beauty of casinos without wagering is that it is really that simple. All you have to do is sign up to the casino site and claim their welcome offer. After that, just choose the game you like and play.

So once again to make things crystal clear. At no wagering casinos, you can completely enjoy the bonus value without having to think about wagering requirements. Although most no-wagering bonuses tend to be offered only to new players, it is not a rare case that regular players also get some bonus or promotion without wagering requirements.


Last but not least. As the gambling industry ins constantly evolving, the best way to go is to read the latest reviews on no wagering bonus sites. You can find this info on review sites that keep up to date on these bonuses. One more thing, always ensure the casino you are going to play in is licensed by a reputable party.