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What is a Casino Bonus?

What is a Casino Bonus?

Here we take a look a some of the different types of casino welcome bonus offers you may find at other UK online casinos. If you are lucky enough to find any of these offers at other casinos online be sure that, like our Mega Reel Welcome offer, they are fair and abide by the UKGC terms of practice.

All of the best casinos online in the UK offer a welcome bonus or free spins. In essence, you will receive a bonus when you sign up with the casino in question. Companies use this as it is a great way of enticing customers. However, it also presents you with an opportunity to make sure you get the most from the company upon signing up.

Nine times out of ten the casino will offer to match your deposit. Therefore, once you sign up with the casino let’s say you deposit £15 to play with. The company will then gift you another £15 free of charge so that you have £30 to play with, in total. There is usually a limit, however. Therefore, don’t expect to deposit £100,000 and get another £100,000 back!

Best First Deposit Bonus Casino Offers

Aside from the casino bonuses online that have already been mentioned, another popular reward to look out for is a first deposit bonus. A lot of online casinos offer this deal.

Essentially, they offer to match the amount of money you deposit up to a certain amount. Therefore, if you deposit £20 they will also gift you another £20, meaning you have a total of £40 to play with. This is a bonus that is usually only offered to new players.

However, you may find casino companies that offer deposit bonuses for all players during a set period of time. Another popular way UK casino sites entice new players is by offering a number of no deposit free spins on selected Gold Rush slots games

UK Casino Bonuses with No Deposit Required

Sometimes there are instances whereby UK casino bonuses do not require you to deposit any money at all, like the 5 free no deposit deal. These are known as a ‘no deposit bonus. This is one of the most powerful marketing tools used by online casinos. But don’t worry; you aren’t being duped into using their services – they truly are giving you an incredible deal.

Essentially when you sign up with the casino they will gift you with a free £5 to play with for example. You will get this no matter whether you deposit any money or not. The aim of this bonus is that you will like playing slot games on the site so much that you deposit money and continue to use it anyway.

Other Types of Online Casino bonuses

In addition to this, you also have monthly bonuses. This type of bonus is different from the two just mentioned because it is a way of rewarding loyal customers rather than trying to entice new customers to join up. More often than not an online casino will use some sort of point system when it comes to their monthly bonus. Basically, this means that whenever you play you will be gifted with points and these points then translate to cash at the end of the month. This also gives individuals a reason to play as many games as possible.

Free Spins Casino Bonus

Here at Gold Rush Slots, we offer a free spins casino bonus welcome offer. We offer an abundance of slots and with our excellent welcome gift you can win up to a whopping 500 free spins with our Mega Reel Bonus welcome package! 

Loyalty Bonus Rewards

In direct contrast to welcome bonuses, loyalty rewards are used to keep current customers happy, rather than entice new customers. These bonuses are extremely important for casino companies as it is crucial to keep loyal customers happy so they continue to use the website on a regular basis.

If you are planning on using online casinos a lot, this is a bonus you should definitely be looking out for, as you will get the most for your money over a longer period of time. Loyalty bonuses usually work as a point scheme, i.e. every time you play a game you will receive points and these can either be cashed in for a prize or real money.

The High Roller Casino Bonus

Finally, the last bonus worth mentioning is the high roller bonus. This is rarer than the others. Again it is used to reward loyal customers, however, this bonus is solely for big spenders. Understandably the casinos want to keep these customers and so they will offer them free entrance to big win slots, match their deposit or present them with free gifts. It can certainly pay to be a big spender in the world of online gambling!