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The Worst Paying Online Slots

The Worst Paying Online Slots

We know the excitement you have while visiting an online gambling site for the first time. With the attractive welcome bonus on one side, you will find plenty of other reasons to love them. The online slots and table games can be very engaging. You will also find other games and VIP treatment the casinos treat you are significant incentives we are talking about here. All said, when you check out the online slot machines, with their bright characters and game design, big prize monies, you will need to pay attention to a few details.

If you are playing for fun or in the demo mode as many casino slots offer, there is nothing to lose. However, the action is actually when you play for real money, isn’t it? Here you will need to understand that there are low paying or worst paying slots. We will check out the list of the worst paying slots and more about these games. But first, we have to go through a few vital pieces of information to help you know what makes the slots high paying or low paying.

You should know the following things about slots.

Reels and Paylines

The essential aspect of any slot game is the number of reels and paylines it has. These could be as less as three rows of five rows to even more. But while the rows may not be very high, the paylines can be! You will find slot games with as little as 5 paylines to 1024. Certain games may even offer more ways for you to bet and win. You will need this information to be sure of the betting per line and the entire reel’s maximum betting amount. If you are looking at a game with multipliers or wilds in every position across the reel, you will need to know these paylines and reels.

What is Slot Volatility & Variance?

When you select a slot game and go through its reviews, you will find it displaying volatility. What is this volatility? Check the paytable, and you will find the jackpot amount it offers as compared to the maximum bets you make. If you find the gap is wide and the difference of 50 times more, you can assume that the game has a medium to high variance. If a game has frequent but small wins, it is a low-variant game.

However, should you go for this or the high-variant one? The high-variant games are when there is a significant risk you need to take for a profit. It is possible to take big risks, but you need to be patient and even have the bankroll to help you wade through the dry spells. You will be gaining, but only if you know the game well enough or have the bankroll support you.

Betting Range

Often, the betting range will be very small, and people might not feel the pain of a loss that way. Many games have high volatility, even if the betting starts very low. In this case, your payout will only work in your favour if you play for a long time.


The best games are the ones that give you the best payouts, and quickly, the house edge is worked out differently with slots games and is known at RTP, which stands for 'return to player'. This makes the slot games different from table games. The table games may have a very low house edge in comparison to the slot games. In simple terms, slots with low RTP have the worst payout rates.

Loose Online Slots

These are ideal choices for any new slot gamer. The loose slots refer to the games offering low variance or less risky slots. These are the best solutions for gamers to get some motivation with frequent wins, albeit just small amounts. The fun quotient is high here. But in comparison to these loose slots, the tight slots are the ones with infrequent but big payouts. The risks are high, and you may have to bet high and even lose high if you are not sure how to play the game.

Low Paying Slots

Who said low paying slots are not fun? Even the low paying or the games with even lower RTP can be very exciting if you want to spend some time spinning the reels, here are a few very popular slots with lower RTP.

Mega Moolah

If there is a game even famous among the people who do not visit an online casino frequently, it has to be the Mega Moolah. It is by far one of the most popular slots from Microgaming, and it is a top choice by all casinos. You will be able to win a progressive jackpot, and in 2020 alone, it paid out as much as 70 million! The bets can start just at £1 and can go up per spin. The RTP is just 88.12% of this 5-reel, 3-row game. This African themed game has high volatility, and there are multipliers to win in this progressive title.

Wish Upon a Jackpot

This is a 5-reel slot from Blueprint Gaming. Betting starts from just 20p and promises free spins features and around 4 other bonus rounds. But though the payout can be 1000 times of the bet, you will be able to experience 117,649 ways to win. But all said, the medium to the high variant game has an RTP of 95.99%.

White King

Playtech is the developer of this game, and you will be able to bet from 0.01credits to 50 credits. There are 40 ways to win, going up to 1000 times the line bet. The RTP is just 90.05%, and the jackpot amount is infrequent.

Though the online casino world is full of many casino games, these slots are a few of the worst paying in terms of RTP. These may have high jackpot amounts, but they are infrequent, which makes them feature in this list.

Now we have covered toe worst paying slots take a look at some of the best