What Are the Easiest Casino Games to Play?

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With millions of people visiting casinos every year, land-based gambling establishments remain a highly popular attraction. Some of these folks even plan their entire vacation around the most popular casinos.

Deciding on which game to play within a casino can be difficult for many people, due to the wide variety of casino games available. Beginners are advised to start with games that are relatively easy to learn. This article will give you five easy-to-play casino games to help you get started.

5 Easy UK Online Casino Games to Play

The majority of casino games consist of simple rules. With some preparations beforehand, they won't be that hard to learn. Here are five of the easiest casino games to play.


black jack 21In terms of Blackjack variants, you can find the difference in the cards, particularly in the specific card amount. Starters will find things easier if they resort to a single-deck game, due to the house advantage difference.

Doing this will significantly increase the chances of winning since the house advantage is reduced on single-deck blackjack games. With proper bankroll management and some basic strategy, your chances of walking away with more money are greatly improved.


Slots are another simple-to-grasp casino game. UK online casino games like Lady of Avalon, Jackpot Jester 200,000 and Kongo Bongo consist of a simple process, you can do great by just placing a bet and spinning the wheel. This applies even if you don't make an effort to learn how the paytable works. Other players might find this casino game unappealing due to its simple operation. However, this doesn't change the fact that the winning chances are huge, especially when trying to win a progressive jackpot.


diceThis casino game is easily one of the most exciting games to play. Other casino games come with numerous rules that often put off players from even trying, which is not the case when it comes to Craps. It offers one of the lowest house edges compared to the other games. Coming only at around 1.4%, this makes Craps a great option to bet for beginners.


roulette wheelWhen played on the single-zero (European) version, Roulette offers a higher player edge. This is the reason why it is highly recommended to seek this particular version if you can, to better your chances of winning.

The math behind Roulette is simple: there are 37 numbers on the wheel, but the game plays 35-1 on straight bets. Considering this, it's easy to realise that a casino-edge rise occurs on double-zero Roulette versions.

Video Poker

Many individuals claim that video poker comes at a near-zero house edge rate, which makes others sceptical since UK online casinos still need to generate profits. Regardless, there are many types of video poker games available today. Opting for the simpler versions can be highly rewarding, even for beginners.


The huge selection of casino games may appear intimidating for some individuals, especially beginners. Even if you have not been in a casino before, you can still have fun by starting on games that are relatively easy to play. You can try moving on to more complicated casino games after you mastered the easier games, depending on your preference.