How Do You Find Your Perfect Online Slot

a good slot

UK online slots just keep getting better and better, and if you haven't already, then 2020 is definitely the year for you to dive right in and give them a go. Developers, designers, creators, and programmers work together tirelessly to ensure that new slot games are added weekly and old favourites are upgraded and improved so you can play the best games at home. The immersive gaming experience online slots can provide is impressive but the number of games out there can make it seem overwhelming. So, we have decided to make it a little easier for you; here are our top pro tips for choosing the best slot games for you, as well as three of our personal top favourites for you to try.

Before you start spinning the reels do your research... It is the most important advice we can give you because there is a huge range of slots to play online in the UK:

  • Video slots
  • 3D slots
  • Mega spins slots
  • Progressive jackpot slots
  • Multi pay line slots
  • 3-reel classic slots

And those are just the big categories; there are also many themes to choose from, such as TV Shows and Movies, Adventure themes like Amazon slotsPirate slots and even Wizard slots. and of course, everyone just loves playing Irish slots If you do your research thoroughly you will be able to see which style of slot games matches the gaming experience you are looking for. This will then help you when it comes to sitting down and spinning your first reel.

Try and remember that whilst the big jackpots can be very tempting, in reality, you are generally less likely to win on these types of slots. They can also have more functions and gameplay options to make it more difficult and more complicated, to make it harder for you to win the big prize, therefore you should think about starting with the smaller prizes and working yourself up to the bigger jackpots.

Below are just a few of our favourite UK slot games:

Mega Pyramid Slot Game

mega pyramid slot

Developed by Red Tiger Gaming, Mega Pyramid slot game will take you on a journey through Egypt. Take a spin of the reels and see what ancient Egypt has to offer you as you experience the pyramids on your quest for ancient treasure.

Dead or Alive 2 Online Slots

dead or alive

Developed by NetEnt - their high-quality graphics and immersive gameplay are famous worldwide - and Dead or Alive 2 (the sequel to Dead or Alive) does not disappoint. It is highly recommended across the gaming community and we think you will be able to see why.

Snake Slot

snake slot

Jump into the jungle with the online Snake slot game. With 30 pay lines, you have a lot of chances to win having a high Return to Player (RTP), making it a good option for new slot players.

So, you have done your research, started with a few that you like the style of, checked out more of our recommendations and had a bit of practice on the small jackpot slots. You should now be feeling more confident and hopefully starting to see some money in your prize wallet!