Rock Band Slots for Music Lovers

The online casino and slots game industry is highly competitive, and more and more people are looking for slots and games that push the boundaries. As a result, we can now enjoy a huge variety of high-quality slot games with many wonderful themes. If you are unaware of the variety that exists in the online slots industry, we invite you to play our incredible range of slots that you are guaranteed to have fun with. Every online casino has, in its repertoire, many slots of different themes, arranged at your disposal so you can find the perfect one for you. The gaming industry has been growing progressively, and web-based slot games have been a fundamental piece in achieving this momentous growth, having a very positive impact on online casinos.

The variety of online slot options available is immense. We can find different themes, eye-catching designs, unique styles, and many more features that make up this incredible variety of options. Besides, the most popular slots in online casinos are based on Rock bands, movies, and TV shows.

Everybody loves to listen to music, right? That's why it's understandable that nowadays we find many video slots based on famous singers and music bands. The most famous online slots developers such as Microgaming and NetEntertainment have already created numerous music-themed online slots, which have earned a place among gamblers' favourites.

If you play slots and Rock music and bands, it's a good idea to try a game with a rock band theme. Don't know which one to try? Here are some of our favourites

Guns N Roses Rock Band Slot Game

guns n roses

This is one of our favourite rock n roll slots, not only in terms of music, but we consider it one of the best, including all the themes, and a certain contender to be number one. This game was developed by NetEnt in honour of one of the most emblematic rock bands to have existed. The main reason for the success of this slot is that it is incredibly entertaining and exciting. Although it is not exclusive for fans of Guns N Roses; if you are too young to know much of their music, it is still worth a try, and we assure you that you will not regret it.

In addition to the web version, you can also play it on your smartphone or tablet. This slot is really fun and has great songs. It has 20 pay-lines, 5 reels, and many more features to keep you entertained while enjoying this amazing game from the comfort of your home.

Megadeth Online Rock Band Slots


To continue with our recommendations for musical slots, we move on to Megadeth slot. Leander Games was in charge of giving life to this fantastic game based on the mythical metal band, Megadeth. This game was designed to entertain both fans and those who don't know much about their music. With incredible visual effects and good music this musical slot guarantees that we will have fun. This game provides us with several rounds of bonuses; we must select prisoners in the Head Crusher game, in which the ladies will increase your prize money, and the men will, unfortunately, decrease it. A game based on Megadeth would never be just another game, and Leander Games has impressed us with this amazing musical slot machine.

Karaoke Party Online Slots Game

karaoke party

If the previous recommendations seemed a little crazy for your tastes, you'll probably like this one better as it is one of the most fun, yet overlooked slot games. Microgaming has developed this game inspired by a classic that cannot be missed at any party, karaoke. Everyone enjoys karaoke time, and playing slots online is fantastic, so mixing both games to create this great musical slot was a spectacular idea from Microgaming. As expected in a karaoke game, the most valuable symbol is a group of friends having fun singing karaoke; plus, it also has a great free spin game with multipliers. For more great info about online slots see our ultimate guide