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PayPal Casino Slots Are Now Here!

Gold Rush PayPal is one of the sites paving the way for other UK casinos to follow suit and accept PayPal deposits. Now you can deposit and play with credit from your PayPal account to enjoy our wonderful selection of casino games at even more convenience.

PayPal proves to be a secure and efficient way of enhancing the gaming experience of our players. Whether you’re a faithful visitor to our site or a first-time player, PayPal deposits are readily available to everyone now. Twiddling your thumbs while waiting for a deposit is now a thing of the past. Choose to deposit on our PayPal casino for instant action.

Why Choose Casinos With PayPal Deposits?

The decision to include PayPal deposits on our site was an easy one to take. Casinos with PayPal deposit systems in place are making it easier for their players, and we wanted to afford these benefits to our players too. Yet, there are even more reasons why using PayPal is a great option for our players:

PayPal is established - PayPal has been an established method of depositing money for more than 15 years and counting. Over this time, they have fine-tuned a system you can rely on. Not to mention its global presence and more than 70 million account holders.

Trusted by the big players - the big players of the internet are offering PayPal as a form of payment, including the likes of Amazon. Now that we are also a PayPal casino, our big players can get amongst the speed and efficiency of this method too.

Security and security guaranteed– PayPal is exceptionally safe to use due to its exceptional technology and global presence. The platform has been keeping finances protected for individuals and businesses for years and are always improving their security measures. Moreover, players will no longer have to hand over their bank details to play our exciting games if they do not wish to. With PayPal’s impressive security, there is certainly no riding your luck.

Gamble safer with PayPal– because PayPal executes payments instantly, players on the PayPal slots UK scene can keep track of readily available statements online. This is key in monitoring your spending on our site and keeping you safe when having fun gambling.

How To Make A PayPal Deposit?

Making a deposit via your PayPal account couldn’t be any easier. There are some simple steps to follow starting with creating a PayPal account. This can be completed in minutes on their site with your debit card to hand.

The next step is to head on over to us and deposit your funds using PayPal. This is done in the same manner but this time you will select the PayPal option. Once deposited, your funds will be immediately available, so you can enjoy PayPal slots instantaneously.

PayPal deposits are available across many types of devices, meaning you can use this efficient method for instant gaming at home, at the bus stop, or on your lunch break. Happy gaming with online casino PayPal deposits!

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Lots of PayPal Casino Slots And Games To Play

We are gradually rolling out PayPal deposits across many slots and games available at This makes the PayPal deposit method even more convenient to more of our valuable site visitors.

You can even take advantage of our PayPal deposits on your mobile for even more seamless play on the move. If you have not got a PayPal account yet, but are a huge fan of our thrilling games, maybe it’s time to get one?