Advantages, Perks & Benefits to Playing Slots Online

online casino perks

There is no doubt that slot games are incredibly fun; it doesn't matter whether you play them here at gold rush online slots, or at one of the many UK establishments, the entertainment value is high. However, there are definite advantages to playing slots games in the UK rather than in a UK land-based casinos and slots establishment. Check out our guide below to find out what these are.

Higher Payouts Online

One of the biggest perks of playing slot games online is that you get higher payouts than you would at a physical casino, meaning you are much more likely to win in the first place. It is estimated that at a land-based casino slot machine you get a (Return to Player RTP) payout of around 86%, but on a UK online slot, the payout is a whopping 97%. The chances of winning big also increase with huge progressive jackpots

Convenience & Flexible Gambling

Playing slots online couldn't be more convenient. With a few clicks on your keyboard, you can be logged in and playing in just a matter of minutes and players can even enjoy games on mobile phones and tablets. This is also great news for anyone who enjoys this kind of gameplay but doesn't live particularly close to a land-based casino and doesn't fancy a long drive each time they want to have a little bit of fun. Online slots are also the perfect way for beginners to learn the rules and get comfortable in their own environment. Additionally, there are a ton of games available that are suitable for mobile or tablet devices, so you can be entertained wherever you are.

Range of Games is Huge

Of course, not every slot machine can fit into a Land-based casino, but online the options are endless. There is practically no limit to the number of different slot games that can be put on a website which means there can be up to one and a half thousand different options for you to choose from, with all kinds of categories from reels to the number of pay lines, so it couldn't be easier for you to find your favourite. Keep an eye out for any new releases too, as new and even more exciting games are added all the time.

Free Spins & Games

If you are new to online slots or you just want to try out new games before you play with real money, then you can always take advantage of the free plays that online casinos offer! Have a few spins on the house and get an understanding of the game before you make any real wagers; you never know, you might be able to pick up strategies in your trial as well.

Gambling Rewards and Bonuses

It is no secret that online casinos give out very generous bonuses for new players in order to encourage more people to register, so use this to your advantage and have a lot of fun without paying a penny in the beginning.

Better More Advanced Gameplay

The advancement of technology and added gamification means that playing online games is more thrilling than ever, and you get to have an experience rather than just play a game. Gold Rush Slots is a company that is a great example of this; this site has Trophies as a gamification feature, which gives UK online players the chance to level up as they play their way through their favourite slot games on the site. As the user goes up through the levels, bonuses, rewards, and new features are unlocked, and the higher you go, the more there is for the player to receive, including cash prizes. This is such an exciting way to keep the game's fun, and users entertained, and there is no doubt that other sites will soon implement their own versions. Take a look at our guide for more interesting facts and info.