Online Slots Machine Cheats & Other Gambling Myths 

slot machine cheats

Online slots become more popular every year, and with that, the quality, graphics and jackpots have increased. Gamers can now find themselves spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding the site, game type and theme style they want to use. But with that, the number of myths surrounding casino slots has also increased. Here at Gold Rush Slots, has many advantages and we want to ensure you are equipped with all the facts and feel confident that your gaming experience is safe. So, we set off on a fact-finding mission to debunk these myths for good.  

1. Slot Cheats & Manipulation

The Myth: Online slots are manipulated by technology to guarantee specific outcomes. 

The Fact: All reputable online casinos are fully regulated in the same way as physical casinos by the UK Gambling Commission; therefore, they are unable to manipulate the outcome of the game without their license being revoked.  

2. Playing at a Certain or Specific Time of Day

The Myth: Some players are under the impression that playing slots at certain times of the day will increase or decrease your chances of winning.

The Fact: Most slots use Random Number Generators (RNG). This is a coding system which ensures that the symbols are randomly selected throughout the entire day. Therefore, it makes no difference in the time of day in which you play the slot, the sequence is totally random.  

3. The AutoPlay Mode

The Myth: if you play using the AutoPlay mode then your chances of winning are much lower. 

The Fact: Playing slots with AutoPlay has zero effect on the outcome of the sequence, however, it is important to note that AutoPlay is much faster and therefore if you are on a losing streak or do not have your settings applied appropriately, you could see your bankroll decline very quickly. Therefore, you should always make sure you understand the game and the settings before you begin using the AutoPlay function.   

4. A Win Must Be Due

The Myth: A win is surely due, as I have been playing the game a while and I haven't won anything significant so far.

The Fact: Due to the Random Number Generators (RNG) this is not the case; you could win big in a straight row or spend hours on a losing streak. Unfortunately, slot games are never ‘due’ a win.

5. The Machine Won’t Pay Out After a Recent Win

The Myth: This machine has just paid out a jackpot prize; therefore, it won’t pay out again any time soon.

The Fact: As previously mentioned: due to the Random Number Generator (RNG), your chances of winning are not linked to any previous spin.

6. It is Impossible to Increase My Chances of Winning

The Myth: Because of the Random Number Generators (RNG) and the element of luck, I can't do anything to increase the chance of me winning.  

The Fact: This is difficult as online slots are random and there is an element of luck. However, you can check the following things:

  • Return to Player (RTP) values: The higher the value, the higher your chance of winning.
  • Greater number of pay lines: More pay lines equals more ways to win, therefore a higher chance of winning
  • A bonus feature: Triggering a bonus feature is often an effective way to up your winnings quickly.

a random number generator

Historical Slot Machine Scams & Cheats

Before slot machines made the transition from land-based to online gameplay, it wasn’t uncommon for some crafty punters to try to cheat the games. In the early days of slot machines particularly, when the mechanics were basic, it was relatively easy to scam a one-armed bandit. Sometimes, players would use a coin that was attached to a piece of string which would trigger the counting mechanism and hence, the reels would spin. The player could pull the coin back and try to win as much as possible without spending any money!

On other occasions, players would use a hidden magnet which worked to keep the reels spinning thanks to the magnetic field. The magnet could be removed when the desired symbols landed.

A famous device used to trick slot machines was the Monkeys Paw. This device consisted of a metal wand attached to a guitar string, which could be inserted into a vent, tripping a switch and triggering the jackpot. A more contemporary version was the Light Wand; this modern device tripped a sensor rather than the switch, to manipulate slot machines that utilised RNG technology.

To conclude, online slot machines have the same chances, opportunities and restrictions as real slot machines. By understanding online slots, you can increase your chances of winning, but the site itself cannot affect or manipulate the outcome of your spins.