How Much Can You Win Playing Online Slots?

When you play here at Gold Rush Slots, you will be dreaming of winning the jackpot. The games that are available will have different sizes when it comes to the top prize they have to offer. Winning a jackpot will always put a smile on your face but with some games, landing one is a life-changing moment.

With most UK casino slots games, the top prize that can be won is a fixed one. All the details of how much you can win for each winning combination can be found in the paytable. For example, in the game ‘Jack in the Box,’ the jackpot is 600x your stake. Considering the minimum stake on that game is £1 and the maximum £250, you can see that there are some large wins available on this slot.

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Just How Much Can You Win?

Just how much you can win will depend on how much you stake. Betting at the maximum amount possible can win you large sums of money but always keep to your budget. It's when there is a progressive jackpot that the big money wins can come along. These can and do reach six figures and can go months without being won. So just what is a progressive jackpot and how high can they get?

You can find them on machines that are networked together. Marvel and DC Comics slot releases fall into this category. Every time the game is played, a small percentage of the stake made will go into the progressive jackpot fund. These games are of course extremely popular so the jackpot will be climbing to fantastic heights and regularly into six figures. Imagine spinning the reels and the next minute being a millionaire with a life-changing casino jackpot. That’s just what happened to the British soldier in 2015. His stake on the ‘Mega Moolah’ slot was only 25p but amazingly he won £13m. ‘Beach Life’ requires players to get five Wild Sun symbols on a pay line to win its progressive jackpot and this can be as high as $6.5m.

Progressive Jackpot Chances

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The chances of landing a progressive jackpot are not great. However, they do get won so someone is going to have that magic moment. You will find that the Return to Player on these progressive jackpot games isn’t as high as on others with smaller jackpots.

There are several ways in which these progressive jackpots can be won. One way is a grid that contains different symbols. There will be four progressive jackpots, all with differing sizes and one of them will be won. The first three matching symbols determine which one you will win. Of course, it’s usually the smallest one but one day perhaps it will be the life-changing one.

Whereas the bonus round needs to be triggered, a chance to win the progressive jackpot can come randomly. Playing with a higher stake (sometimes the maximum) gives you more chance of this happening. You need to be wary of your budget though and not spend too much chasing the progressive jackpot, have a read through our strategy for some handy hints tips about getting the best from playing slots and controlling your budget.

Is it Possible to Play Online Slots for a Living?

It’s true that many people gamble for a living; you have probably heard about successful professional Poker players, and similarly, there are some people (albeit a small percentage) who manage to earn a living from playing Blackjack, or betting on sports or horse and dog tracks. It is unusual, however, to find people who earn a living from alternative casino games such as online slots. That’s not to say it’s impossible – after all, we have seen that there are plenty of slot games that offer a hefty payout – however, you would likely need to be pretty wealthy already to make a living out of it. For starters, you’re going to need enough cash in the bank that you can afford to lose for a while. After all, the house always has the edge in casino games and that is usually between 2% and 10%. What this means is, that players lose between 2 and 10% of every pound that they wager on the game.

While the house edge and the Return to Player percentage can vary in the short-term, the long-term results are based on math that works in favour of the casino to ensure a profit. In short, a player attempting to make a long-term living from online slots is unlikely to be successful.